Burger Heaven on a Wintery Night!

Last week it was snowing and getting pretty crappy outside but my handsome hubby had been home all day and wanted to get out. So off we went with no destination in mind - but then I remembered one of the "C" restaurants that didn't win...City View Tavern in Mt. Adams.

The snow was definitely coming down - it's a small little place but it was pretty much empty this night.

Yeah - it was us and 2 guys at the bar. The view is amazing - but at night - through a window - doesn't make for a good picture. But needless to say - if you haven't seen it - you need to.

Lots of memorabilia around the place as well - go Reds! 

Most importantly the burger...we got two Big Ted burgers which came with a bag of chips. No fries here. The buns are from Giminetti Bakery and were really great - so much better than a grocery store hamburger bun! They were big but still soft...one of the best buns I've had. The burgers were loaded up with brown mustard, onion, mayonnaise, lettuce, catsup, tomato*, and pickle. It's a hand-made patty for sure and that was really good.

All in all - I thought it was a great burger - but the toppings helped - that brown mustard added a ZING! Larry still likes Gordo's better. My one issue was that there were 4 customers there - 2 of which were Larry and I. We ordered the burgers - one with no mayo and one with no cheese. We mentioned it twice - very clearly - the server/bartender acknowledged that he heard us (he was also cooking the burgers). When we got our burgers...both had cheese, both had mayo. I peeled the cheese and gave it to Larry - he took my mayo-free bun half. We were too hungry to bother to complain. Still - pretty annoying especially knowing we were really the only customers in there!

Why Should You Go? I think it is a good burger and really enjoyed it. It's affordable - I think less than $6. And the view is spectacular. Just don't be picky with your order...Would I go out of the way to drive here for the burger again? No - but if I'm in Mt. Adams it's a good option. And again - the view - well that's worth going to Mt. Adams for any day!

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  2. I haven't set one up - maybe I'll do that tonight! Thanks!