Chocolate Overload...thanks Cincinnati Magazine!

Cincinnati Magazine recently held their Sweet Victory event in West Chester. It was truly a chocolate overload! This was held at the Savannah Center off the Union Center exit. It was targeted towards folks that were getting married but my good friend Rachel and I were more than happy to check out all the goods!

Right off the bat we were greeted with sweets and treats. The first table was from the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. Rachel instantly fell in love with their banana muffins. It was especially nice because they weren't chocolate. We were about to go into a chocolate coma and we didn't even know it.

These little tarts were from the Hilton as well. So beautiful and tasty...

Turning the corner we came across Fantasy in Frosting. These were the best buckeyes I have ever eaten! The samples were really large at this table. We quickly found that we should split the portions and NOT try everything we see!

Those are cheesecake pops - big, delicious cheesecake pops.

Mini-cheesecakes from J. Annette's Cheesecakes

Patricia's Wedding Cakes had some samples of different flavors. These were fairly simple compared to many of the choices.

The Midwest Culinary Institute really had something special to offer. These little dark chocolate towers were filled with creamy goodness of many flavors. Fancy, decadent and just a biteful - they were fantastic. I'm continuously impressed by MCI!

The Bonbonerie was also there - of course. Rachel and I aren't actually big fans and with all there was to try - we passed this one up.

Paper Acorn was there with these really creative paper offerings. These were set up with the fake tealight candles and were very pretty.

They also had adorable cupcake boxes! I had cupcakes at my wedding - these would have been great for guests to take home the extras.

Duncan Hines was one of the sponsors and they were introducing their new glazes.

They also had some cake pops to try! These were great! Cake pops are basically a baked cake crumbled and mixed with frosting. Then you make balls out of them, glaze and decorate!

There was also a cake decorating contest going on. We got there early and didn't hang around for the end but hope the MCI girls won. They were really workin that fondant!

Patricia got in on the action as well and it appears as though she had a young helper. It was interesting to watch the different techniques.

These flowers from the Hilton - edible! Although she said they might not taste too good we could technicaly eat them.

And after many attempts we caught the Fantasy in Frosting guy with a smile!

Rachel wouldn't let me leave without taking a picture of me and my cake pop. It was the last bite of chocolate I could handle.

The last stop was Donna's Gourmet Cookies - we looked, mulled it over and decided we couldn't take another bite of sweet. Sorry Donna - I'm sure they're good.

On our way out we grabbed our "gift" which was a coupon for the Duncan Hines cake or glaze. 

One thing to note is that if you go to an event like this - go early. We were there when the doors opened and after once around, the lines were crazy long! 

And after all this chocolate - we were dying for grease and meat - so we headed to the Friendly Stop in Rachel's own Glendale. Ahhhh garlic burger goodness!


  1. Not a fan of Bonbonerie? Is this food related or a personal vibe thing?

  2. Actually I went for lunch and liked it a lot. I just don't think the cakes are all that. I have always thought they were a bit dry.

  3. Oh the Friendly Stop! I went to St. Gabriel for grade school which is right next to it... we used to LOVE their cheese fries! I think they have changed though :( Not the same delish fries that I remember. Brings back good memories though :)

    How do you find out about these foodie events going on in Cincy? I didn't hear about this... and recently I heard that the Pioneer Woman was doing book signings in Cincy. How do you know about this stuff?! I would love to get in the know :)

  4. Desi - I haven't had cheese fries there but I have had many a garlic burger! A friend of mine lives in Glendale so she keeps me up to date on all those items. Actually there's a hamburger event coming up this summer. I keep up via the food blogs, Polly Campbells column on and scanning the calendar of events there as well. This one actually came via email from Cincinnati magazine from when I was signed up on their weddings list. I'm signed up for EVERY email list imaginable! haha

  5. If you loved this event...come to the Cintas Center Oct 23,2011 for the Second Annual Cincinnati Chocolate Festival!