Giveaway Day - Cupcake Winner!

Sometimes cracks me up. I had 70 entries in the Abby Girl $20 gift card giveaway. SEVENTY! That's 3x the amount of entries I usually get! How awesome!

I just went to "draw" the winner on and out of 1-70 - they chose #2.

So #2 it is! Congrats to Josh Osbourne - you'll be receiving a $20 gift card to Abby Girl in the mail soon!

Thanks to everyone who entered and I hope some of the new folks enjoy the site and keep coming back - there are more giveaways to come! And thanks to Abby Girl for sponsoring the contest!

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  1. Awesome! We've been meaning to try them for a long time. We always seem to walk by, but never stop.

    Thanks again!