Rima's Diner

I don't always have a good memory when it comes to restaurants that I have reviewed. I should keep a pocket list of everybody or get an iPhone. But the last time I was at Rima's was a year and a half ago - so hey - it's re-review time!
Rima's Diner is off Buttermilk Pike in NKY. There are 6 fast food restaurants surrounding it - so it's nice to have at least one non-chain option.

They're big Elvis fans - he's everywhere inside. 

I got the chicken pot pie soup and it was really good. Warm and thick but not too milky with chunks of chicken and vegetables in every bite. Good stuff. (A week later I went back and had the chicken pot pie - just as good as before!)

For my sandwich I got the BLTE - bacon lettuce tomato and egg. Loved it - just as good as it looks. the bread was a little thick and toasted pretty hard - so not the easiest to eat. I'd switch to a thinner bread if I could but the contents were very good.

Coworker got the CRAZY burger! Doesn't it look CRAZY?!

The burgers are fine - I think they're pre-made patties but they do use a good amount of toppings - everybody is always happy with them. Nothing special but not bad at all.

This picture is something special - I'm not a huge cole slaw fan. Usually it's forgettable. The only place I consistently enjoy it is KFC (I know - wtf?) BUT Rima's does a mean cole slaw. It's creamy but not thick like mayonnaise. I really enjoyed it!

They also have homemade pies and cakes - and they look delicious. I have never tried them but man oh man - that coconut cake was hard to resist!!!

Why Should You Go? If you live/work in the Buttermilk Pike area it's a great diner. Clean, good food and friendly staff. I bet they do a kick-ass breakfast. Very comparable to the Bluebird in Norwood.

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  1. Their Sunday brunch buffet is OFF. THE. CHAIN.

  2. I used to go to the one of Madison but it closed down :( I miss it!