D = Dusmesh

Sorry for the delay in the next couple of letters of the alphabet - life happens. I got sick, got laid off, blah blah blah. But hey - I'M BACK! And next up is the letter D! You voted for Dusmesh Indian in the Clifton/Northside area across from Cincinnati State.

It's in a house on Ludlow and it's BYOB - that's a pretty popular option here in Cincy although I'm a Diet Coke girl so it doesn't much entice me.

Inside it's dimly lit and cozy - much cozier than the typical Indian buffets that I've been to - feels more like a restaurant than a buffet.  I went on a Sunday evening so it wasn't buffet time but I do know they have one during certain hours.

We started with the Veggie Pakora ($2.99) - I love these little fried critters. These were spicier than the ones you typically find on the buffet. These were great - not at all greasy - and the spice was just right. They dusted them with salt too which was a nice touch.

I'm a huge fan of naan and ordered the paneer naan ($2.99). I've always wanted to try it and now that I'm back on the cheese train - I thought I'd try it. Well the naan was good but I have to say - we sure couldn't detect any paneer in it. I'm not sure if she wrote it down wrong or if it's not "stuffed" like I was thinking.

I got the Mushroom Matar ($9.49) as usual. The spice level at Dusmesh is a 1-6 and I got a 2 - I'm kind of a wuss. This was PERFECTION. This was even better than Baba and Kanak - which I didn't really think was possible! There was more seasoning and fresh mushrooms rather than canned. This was DELICIOUS! I have to say - I've found a new Indian favorite! Anybody know of a recipe for Matar?

Deb got the Chicken Jalfrezi ($10.99) and got it at a 4 spice level and that was a BIT much for her. So take their spice levels seriously! She did enjoy it though. She's fairly new to Indian food - so sticks to the Matar, Masasla and Jalfrezi as it tends to be the best items for newcomers to try.

Of course we got the great basmati rice - this is also my standard now. I never make white rice anymore!!!!

The surprise of the night was that we got dessert too! It's a half-serving of Gulab Jamun ($2.25 for 2) which is a fried cheese ball soaked in honey syrup and served warm. While I didn't realize it was a cheese ball - it was good. It tastes like a little donut that's drenched and soaked in honey. I really enjoyed it! I'm not big on the typical Indian desserts (mango stuff or rice pudding) - but this was great!

Why Should You Go? Um - cuz it's awesome! Thanks so much to all the voters here because I have found a new Indian favorite. I've always been pretty high on Baba but this was just better!

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  1. I've had hit and miss with paneer naan all over town, honestly I prefer Daata in Norwood's paneer & garlic naan to the clifton trio (+Baba in HP)

    But I must know your secret (and please don't tell me a rice cooker!), I ALWAYS mess up cooking basmati at home!! Help!

  2. Heck no - I'm too cheap for a Rice Cooker!

    I usually just do the instructions on the container. Boil the water, put the rice in, take it off the heat and leave it sit. It's time consuming but it works.

    A little might stick to the bottom but I always make too much anyway.

    Another thing - a lot of times I use chicken broth instead of water. Adds a little more flavor. But it depends on what I'm eating the rice with.

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  4. I've heard this is the BEST Indian in Cincinnati... It's been on my to-do list for months, thanks for the review to kick me in the pants & get there! :)

  5. Sweet, a new convert! Dusmesh is definitely our favorite Indian in town.

    We also really like Shaan. Baba is the tried-and-true, but it's just so crowded any more.

  6. Yes! I'm so glad you liked it. Dusmesh is my favorite. I personally love spice so I liked Indian food but Dusmesh is the first place that combines spice + flavor. When I order the upper numbers at Baba, it just tastes like spice.

    I always stick with the garlic naan..it is fantastic.

  7. if i go with someone, i split their Thai Vegetarian Platter - its AMAZING. 3 smaller sized entrees (one of which is paneer saag - best in town), 2 servings of naan, raita (best in town in my opinion), pickled onions and that lovely dessert. SO yummy! I also think their service is much friendlier than i've encountered elsewhere - they just really do a good job all around.

  8. I'Ve enjoyed Dusmesh since they opened, and while I do enjoy the food, the service has always been so very warm and welcoming. They love kids, they joke around, yet they're always fast and efficient. My only fear is that as they become busier and more popular they won't have the opportunity to be as charming!

  9. Dushmesh is not even close to authentic. Forget authentic, it is not even close to good American Indian. It is hilarious to read all these ignorant reviews and comments on the reviews.