F = Fuji's House

I keep moving through the ABC's and the letter F was a tight race between ForkHeartKnife and Fuji's House but the Hibachi grill won the vote!

Fuji's House is in Hyde Park Plaza between Brueggers & Servatii's back where Tuesday Morning used to be (sad face - I loved Tuesday Morning).

Of course there's a koi pond at a Japanese Hibachi Grill. 

I even had a YoDeal for Fuji that got us one hibachi dinner at half price - (paid $12 for $25). We started with the clear soup - it was tasty! A nice broth with mushrooms and crispy fried onions. This always comes with the Hibachi meals...I never eat the whole thing but this was pretty good.

Next the obligatory salad - this at least had cucumbers. I always like the ginger dressing - some places better than others. None have even come close to Osaka in Iowa yet!

Since it's hibachi AND sushi - we had to try that! We got a shrimp tempura roll with eel sauce - Larry's not big on raw fish - so this was our compromise. It was a good roll.

We both got steak & shrimp ($20.95) and they were really cooked nicely. I always think it's awkward because they give you the rice, then the meat, then the veggies. Most people poke away at it while it's coming. I like to wait until it's all on my plate - pour on some yum yum sauce and enjoy!

Why Should You Go? For a Hibachi - it's pretty on-par - nothing extra special but not bad either. The main selling point for me is how close it is to my house! Our chef was really young and wasn't too excited about giving much of a show. But all in all - good eats for sure!

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  1. You definitely need to check out Fork Heart Knife before they close in May! I love their brunch. But make sure you get there a little bit before they open, or you'll have to wait a while for a table (but it's worth it). And, fyi, it's cash only.