Giveaway Day - Ovo by Cirque de Soleil!

If you haven't heard - Cirque de Soleil is headed to Cincinnati again in April! This time its the OVO show which is all about insects and one of my readers is going to get FREE TICKETS! 

Here's a little info on the story of the show:

OVO is a headlong rush into a colourful ecosystem teeming with life, where insects work, eat, crawl, flutter, play, fight and look for love in a non-stop riot of energy and movement. The insects' home is a world of biodiversity and beauty filled with noisy action and moments of quiet emotion.

When a mysterious egg appears in their midst, the insects are awestruck and intensely curious about this iconic object that represents the enigma and cycles of their lives.

It’s love at first sight when a gawky, quirky insect arrives in this bustling community and a fabulous ladybug catches his eye – and the feeling is mutual.

OVO is overflowing with contrasts. The hidden, secret world at our feet is revealed as tender and torrid, noisy and quiet, peaceful and chaotic. And as the sun rises on a bright new day the vibrant cycle of insect life begins anew. 

I have to say - sometimes Cirque creeps me out a little - I joke that it's all these people in freaky costumes walking around in slow motion. But I LOVE the circus-type acts. The acrobatics are amazing and so fun to watch! Here's a preview video of the show on YouTube.

I'm really excited to be able to get to see the show thanks to the folks at Cirque de Soleil and I'm getting a peek into their Tapis Rouge area! If you're looking for a way to impress clients or develop business relationships - this is DEFINITELY something for you to check out.

Okay - it's Giveaway time! I have a pair of tickets to the 4pm show on Friday April 29. Please note - it is a 4pm show and it's on a Friday - so if you can't make that - don't enter! All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment WITH YOUR CONTACT INFO (email, twitter) and tell me one of the following:

* Have you been to a Cirque show before? Which one? 
* Who would you like to take to the show? Why? 
* What's insect CREEPS YOU OUT?! 

I'll draw a winner in TWO WEEKS! Yes - extra time to enter. As always if you Facebook or Tweet this giveaway - and come back and leave a comment to let me know - you'll get an extra entry! Here's a tweet for you:

Check out the Cirque de Soleil giveaway from @foodhussy at! 

And - since this is a food blog - here are some recipes for grasshoppers! Who doesn't want to try a Grasshopper Fritter? (EW EW EW!)

Can't wait to read all the entries and give away a FREE PAIR OF TICKETS TO OVO!

And if you don't want to chance it on a giveaway - go ahead and get tickets right now! 


  1. Okay I will be the first and since I am new to your blog what a wonderful way to start! Okay so to answer your questions...

    I have never been to a Cirque de Soleil however I have always wanted to because they are so fricken amazing but the tickets are outrageous!! I would take my wonderful wife/partner of 27 years because she deserves a special treat. The insect question is an easy one- I abhor cicadas! Anything that has those big of eyes to look back at me freaks me out big time.

    My contact info is - ( Tammy or aka PolarB on Blogger. ;)

  2. I have never been but I would love to take my daughter! She would love it!!!

  3. Hi Heather-

    I've seen 2 Cirque shows, both in Vegas. Beatles Love- which I loved, very cute. And O- which I was awed by, lots of time underwater. I would take my darling boyfriend Brian with me, since he would pout if I didn't.


  4. I have never been to Cirque de Soleil before, but I've watched it on tv and even watched this mini-documentary/behind the scenes thing ages ago! It was fascinating!


  6. Just checked out your blog for the first time.

    I would take my boyfriend to the Cirque de Soleil, since he's never been. I went to The Beatle LOVE out in Vegas and absolutely loved it! I'm hoping to be able to take him, so he can experience it.

    I also mentioned you in a tweet.

  7. I love Cirque du Soleil! My parents started taking us around to see their shows like 15 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I would love to check out Ovo while it is here in Cincinnati. :)

  8. I've never been but I've heard so many people say how good all the Cirque de Soleil shows are! I would take my girlfriend because I travel weekly and it would be a nice night out for the both of us!

  9. Am so excited about this giveaway - thanks!

    I've never been but some their your tube stuff is unbelievable. Would love to go and take the little girl I tutor.


  10. I would take my oh so loving Husband with me. He's been wanting to see them along with the Blue Men Group.

    Thanks for the chance!



  12. What a fantastic giveaway! I would LOVE to Ovo and have been trying to convince anyone and everyone that it would be a great bday gift for me ;) I haven't been to a Cirque production yet, and was bummed to miss out when we were in Las Vegas (I REALLY wanted to see "O")a couple years ago.

    I'd take my sister for sure! She's my blogging partner in crime and we've been tossing around ideas for a girls night out since we had to cancel plans to attend a book signing last month.

    As for the bugs ... most of them creep me out, but mostly spiders! Eeeewww!

    You can find me on twitter here:

  13. Tweeted it:!/2sisters_angie/statuses/49526823700271104

  14. Cirque is crazy awesome! I went to the Cirque show a few years back when they popped up the tent on the Cincinnati Riverfront. Facility was as impressive as the show.

    I will take my girlfriend to the show because I know she can appreciate the music and style of this performance.

    I think the praying mantis is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. All green and double-triple-joined pointy elbows and knees all over the place. Seriously, ew.

  15. hi heather,
    ive never been to a show but my gf is dying to go so i would have to take her. and that bug question is easy - spiders!

  16. The Food Hussy,

    I have never been to a Cirque de Soleil show, but this one looks incredible. Please be the reason I get to go!

    Thanks Jamie

    My contact info is

  17. pamiam04468atyahoodotcom

    I have never seen a show but they are fantastic from what I have heard...and I can't stand earwigs

  18. jliv29atyahoodotcom

    I would love to take my mom, she is the best and I am so glad they are coming to Ohio

  19. I love Cirque shows! The latest I've seen was in Gatlinburg. I would take my daughter...she takes acro classes & would love to see the show. Hairy spiders crrrp me out. Eww


  20. I have been to 3 show now and was hooked after the first one!

  21. I have seen the Cirque show in Vegas that is based around The Beatles called 'LOVE'- it was an awesome experience and I'd love to see another! Thanks!


  22. I have never been to Cirque but, like you, am a fan of dance (can't wait for SYTYCD!) I would probably take my husband, a non-dance lover, since that would be pure torture for him. (Just kidding! He just took me to the ballet as a surprise.) And most importantly, it's my birthday the next day, I have to work at 7 a.m. on Saturday, and my husband won't need to buy me a gift! Yay!

  23. .....oh yeah, and I both tweeted it and posted it on facebook!

  24. I would take my husband with me since he has never seen a Cirque show but I saw O in Vegas and LOVED it!


  25. I absolutely love Cirque de Soleil. My sister and I have traveled to see the shows and I would love to take her for her birthday.


  26. I have been to two shows - and both were so amazing and different!

    I think the silverfish bugs creep me out the most :P

  27. My first Cirque show was Quidam--I was amazed/enthralled by the colorful costumes and acrobatics and immediately decided I needed a 15-foot long trampoline in my life.

    I'd take my mom because she loves these shows (that's where I get it from); and I hatehatehate those centipedes with the long spider-y legs. I call 'em Triple Sixes because they're surely the spawn of the devil!


  28. Heather,

    I have never been to a Cirque show and I have been dying to go for years...students can't afford such lavish things!

    The grossest bug ever is a centipede, but I think it might actually be cool to see what a Cirque-ified centipede would do.

    find me on twitter @DianaLink

  29. My wife has seen Love and O in Vegas.
    She would take me because I have never been.
    Hate Spiders

  30. I have never been to a Cirque de Solil show. But I've been wanting to go for years now! My husband and I are newlyweds - married 5 months ago, brand new to the Cincinnati area and recent transplants to the state of Ohio. In the span of about two weeks we both left our previous jobs in Texas and Wisconsin, got married, and moved to Cincinnati. We've been crazy busy ever since October. We haven't been able to afford to take a honeymoon yet and with the expenses of the move, renting our first home, and new jobs - our funds are really limited to the necessities only. So, with free tickets, I'd take my husband to Cirque de Solil so we could finally enjoy a relaxing, fun night out together seeing something I know we'd both love! I love to dance and my husband is a lighting designer for technical theatre - so Circque de Solil is right up our alley!

    My least favorite bug ever is the scorpion. If you've never seen one, please Google it and be totally freaked out for life. I lived in Texas for 23 years and I can tell you the sight of one crawling across the carpet still sends me screaming and flying toward the ceiling fan. They're hideously ugly, they're fast little suckers, and their stings are incredibly painful. I've been stung twice, had them in the sink and the shower with me, and one tagged along to Cincinnati in one of my moving boxes. None of these were pleasant experiences. If I never have to see or kill another scorpion for as long as I live, I'll be a happy camper!

    My email is :-) Thanks!

  31. My family and I have been to one Cirque de Soleil show at SeaWorld in California and we were loving it until one of the performers fell off of the swinging vault and then got hit by it and we heard that he died later at the hospital! Needless to say they cancelled the rest of the show.

    My son is turning 18 and has always wanted to see another Cirque de Soleil show, so this would be an awesome surprise for him!

    The creepiest and scariest insect to me is the Japanese Giant Hornet. It sprays a flesh-melting poison when it attacks!

    My contact info is