Giveaway Day! Qdoba Mini Street Tacos for 3 of you!

The wonderful folks at Qdoba recently told me about their new Mini Street Tacos! They sent me some coupons so I got to try them for free AND I get to share them with you!

You can choose between shredded beef or pork for the mini tacos. They come with an onion/cilantro salsa and a side of ancho chile bbq beans all for $4.99. These are only available for a limited time.

I also noticed a "you pick 2" type of menu for $5.99 with quite a few options - might try that next time!

Here are my 3 mini tacos - I got shredded beef and I added cheese and sour cream to mine. The whole thing was just okay. I didn't really like the beans - a little under done and I didn't care for the flavor - but that's just a taste bud thing. The tacos are small but 3 really is enough for one person - I didn't even eat all 3. I thought it was a bit odd that they came with specific items and you weren't asked to top them like you normally would - but I'm guessing that's to keep the cost down. All in all - I probably wouldn't get them again - but they weren't  bad - I just have other things I like more.

I did also get some chips & queso - I figured my tacos were free (thanks Qdoba) I might as well buy some queso! It's pretty good queso...and the chips had lots o' salt - which I love! 

So it's Giveaway Time! THREE lucky readers will each get two coupons for free mini street tacos! Simple contest this time - just leave a comment here and tell me what Craft 2 combo you would get - or would you skip all that for the mini tacos! Be sure to leave me a way to contact you as well (twitter, email, etc...). 

I'll draw THREE winners next week! 


  1. I'd probably go with the 2 tacos and a taco salad. Get a nice mix of things and I can at least pretend to be eating healthy.

  2. Hi Heather.

    I would get the Mexican Gumbo and Naked Burrito! Yum - I love Qdoba!

  3. My favorite combo to get with *You Pick 2* is

    * Tortilla Soup
    * Naked Burrito with Steak

    contact info

  4. Alright, I'd pick...
    * Tortilla Soup, and
    * Grilled Quesadilla.

    Though, the 3-Cheese Nachos would be tempting (mmm, cheese)!

    I'm really curious to try the Street Tacos, as well. Serious Eat covered them today too:


  5. I would love to try the mini street tacos, but if they bombed, my back up would be nachos. I hear we are getting a Qdoba at Rookwood!


  6. I'd like to try the mini street tacos but if I chose a craft 2 it would be the mexican gumbo and the taco salad. I LOVE Qdoba and my rewards card always seems to accumulate points quickly! Yum.


  7. I would definitely try the beef mini tacos! The word cilantro had me convinced.

  8. I think I would skip the street tacos and go for the Grilled Quesadilla and 3-Cheese Nachos! Thanks!


  9. MMm, tortilla soup and 2 tacos for me please

  10. i don't eat meat, so i'd got for the mexican gumbo and the nachos! with extra guac!

  11. I'd get the Tortilla Soup and soft tacos.

  12. I think I would choose either two tacos and nachos or two tacos and a taco salad. Man, tacos sound so good right now!