It's Miscellaneous Day! Giveaway, Jewelry and Jobs!

So many business items to discuss this week for the Food Hussy.

Item #1 on the agenda: Giveaway Day! We have a winner and it's Janet - Miss Jackson if you're nasty! Well - she's not nasty - she's just hungry for some cake. Congrats Janet...and thanks to everyone who entered.

Item #2 on the agenda: Jewelry! So I've been out on some interviews in the past couple of weeks (see item #3) and have been wearing items from the Rachel H collection. Every time - I've gotten compliments. Even from men. Straight men at that. So I must share with the world.

Exhibit A: I got this necklace a couple years ago. If you can't tell - the colors are red, teal, light blue and brown. Who knew they went together but they do. Imagine my surprise when I bought a top a couple weeks ago that is exactly those colors! This is my staple with that top on interviews...and I get so many compliments.

Exhibit B: This is really my favorite. It's the bobbly necklace and bracelet. There are multiple versions some with black added, some without. It's fantastic and so versatile.  This ALWAYS gets compliments!

Exhibit C: Another staple - especially with another interview top. The pendant screams HEATHER and is actually very similar to my one and only tattoo.

So now that you've seen a few of the goods from the Rachel H collection - you're probably asking, "Where can I get some of this awesome stuff?! Macys? Nordstroms?"


You can get it right here in Cincinnati! It's my good friend Rachel that makes the jewelry seen here and SO much more! She even does custom orders - she did custom bridal jewelry for my friend Marg's wedding party that was similar to Exhibit B but modified just a bit.

Rachel H is fantastic and affordable. So if you're looking for a necklace, bracelet or earrings to match something or just wanna peruse the goods - leave a comment here with your contact info and I'll get you in touch with her. She makes the jewelry out of her home in Glendale and is a teacher at Hamilton High School.

Item #3 on the Agenda: Job! As mentioned in Item #2 - I have been on interviews. I was recently laid off from my job in NKY. If you know of any jobs in project management, client service/account management, marketing, social media, etc...let me know! My resume can be in your in-box in 2.3 seconds.

Thanks for letting me get all this miscellaneous hoo-ha out-tha-way!

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  1. I am also a HUGE fan of the Rachel H collection - I have DOZENS of her items and they always work with no matter what I wear. The compliments have been endless. Thanks for showcasing this fabulous and creative individual!