Road Trip: Madison, Indiana!

Larry and I headed out on a road trip - he let me pick the spot - so I went with Madison, Indiana - thinking I hadn't been there before. I don't have a very good memory - it's on the Road Trip list on the right side of my page!

We realized about half way there that we'd been there before - but we were on the way - and knew we'd find something new!

On the way - I saw this sign and it always reminds me of my best friend's little boy - Tanner. Every time I drive by it's like I'm saying HELLO TANNER!

I crafted our route so we followed the river all the way to Madison. We took 50W - 56W - 156W right into Madison. Just use Google Maps and keep moving the route to the river.

Once into Madison, we did a cell phone tour of the historic sites. I found it on the city site and loved it! What a fun idea! It was really great because we just followed the map and dialed away. It was raining much of the day so we didn't really want to get out and walk around - but this way we still learned along the way!

Our first stop was the Lanier Mansion. The phone tour takes the "voice" of someone that lived in the day. The "daughter" told us how this was the biggest house in town and they used to see pigs walking by their home every day.

It stopped raining long enough for us to walk around the house - it was a beautiful home with a gorgeous river view.

We even took a peek in the basement windows - nothing too fancy but I'd love to know what they used this for when the home was built.

And there's the view - not bad! 

This was the home of Emilie Todd-Helm - Mary Lincoln-Todd's half-sister. 

And this is just a kick-ass beautiful home next door. 

Larry spotted the Madison Fudge Factory and I had to stop! We also saw these bikes out front. It's two separate bikes - but the "driver" sits behind the rider in the big seat. I'm not sure how they'd be able to see over the canopy if that was up? I tried to convince Larry that we need one of these so he can peddle me around Cincinnati - he was not convinced.

And yes - we brought home some fudge. I got German Chocolate and it was decadent! $7 for 2 big pieces though - so a little pricey. They also sell interesting kids toys and such as well.

We were quickly back to the tour - I think this was a lawyers house. Yes - it was the Jeremiah Sullivan house! I remember that because Sullivan is my grandfather's last name.

This was the St. Michael's Church which was the first Catholic Church in town (I think - trying to remember the phone tour). They carried all these stones up a hill to build this church - and it was a BIG hill!

Speaking of big hills - we then saw this as we were driving through town and saw the Hillside Inn! It doesn't show in this photo but this is quite a hill. And of course - we had to go to the top and see the view!

And the view! Every room has a view and it is great. It's very serene to just look down on a beautiful small town and I'm sure even more beautiful on a sunny day!

On our way home (we always go a different way), we took 421 North and came across this little Amish shop.

After the fudge, I wasn't in the mood for sweets (although baked goods were everywhere!). We decided on beef nuggets and cheese curds. These are made in Miamisburg, OH. And a jar of Zesty Bread & Butter pickles - made by the shop owners. Everything was really great! The cheese curds weren't quite as squeaky as the ones I'm used to from the Amanas in Iowa but they were still good. The pickles are awesome! I'm still enjoying them and they definitely have a spicy kick!

It was a really great day! I love our road trips - it's really part of how we fell in love - so how can you not love that? It's also fun to know that even if we've been before - we can make the visit brand new again!

So head to Madison for a cell phone tour and enjoy the day!

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  1. I love Madison, IN! It's such a cute town. At the holidays a couple years ago, they put on a walk of historic homes and buildings in the town. It was really interesting.