Strip Mall Chinese!

A few weeks back a former coworker and I headed to Hot Wok in NKY. We got tired of the places right around Buttermilk Pike and needed to try something new. I'd heard good things about this chinese joint so decided to give it a whirl.

It's a fast-food chinese - but you do get to sit down and order - which I like. And any place that starts with the crispies is good with me!

We started with a couple of apps - crab rangoons. They were okay - the cream cheese was a little off - which I find sometimes with rangoons. It's hard to believe the best crab rangoons I've ever had were from a grocery store in Iowa.

I went for a bit of sushi. Unfortunately I don't remember which one I got. They only have a few rolls to offer and it was okay. Not fantastic but not bad.

Standard fast food egg roll.

I went for the Shrimp Lo Mein (lunch $5.50) and it came with a free chicken stick! It was good - not a ton of flavor but good. I really liked it and for $5.50 - you can't go wrong. The chicken stick - always the highlight - tender, juicy and yummy!

Here's another dish from the lunch menu ($5.50) - I don't remember what Dana got...but he liked it.

Why Should You Go? It's really great quick Chinese. I like it a lot better than Oriental Wok and it's half the price. It's just off 275 by Wal-Mart and really close to Dixie Highway as well. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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