Dayton Thai - Here I Come!

A few weeks ago I headed up to Dayton for a job interview...and decided to have dinner with some good friends. But first - the interview:

I didn't get the job :-( (but I did get another job!) - but check out the cool bike the company had hanging in their entry way. I picture Pee Wee Herman riding that puppy!

My interview was on the south side of the city, so I  met my friends not too far away at Bahn Mai Thai Cafe - it's in a strip mall if you're looking for it by address.

First we started with Rangoon Sticks ($5) - um delicious and fantastic and want them right now! As they say about Lucky Charms - MAGICALLY DELICIOUS!

Richard got some Tom Yom (aka Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup - $3.95) - he was very happy with it.

Wendy went for the Pad Thai - I think the combo ($13.95) and also really enjoyed hers. It looked great and made me want to try Pad Thai again. I love noodles.

I went for the Pad Kapow - it's their signature dish - with chicken ($10.95). It was a stir-fry dish with lots of veggies and sauces. It was okay. I think I realized I need to stick with noodle dishes - I always like them better. I'd have rather had more of those damn sticks!

Richard got the Tamarind Beef ($12.95) and enjoyed it...sorry to not have more of a description - it was 2 weeks ago and I didn't try it.

Inside - it's really nice! Especially considering it's in a strip mall.

Why Should You Go? If you live in Dayton - go! It's a great little Thai place and the staff was great. I wouldn't say - especially with the plethora of Cincinnati Thai - that I would drive to Dayton for it. But - if you're there - go for it  - it's good stuff.

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