G = Greek to Me Prassino

I am FINALLY getting back to the ABC's! It was a close race for the letter G but, in the end, the winner was Greek to Me Prassino!

If you're not sure where it is - it's in the Wedding Mall on Madison in downtown Covington. The "mall" consists of a dozen or so wedding-related businesses and Greek to Me at the front (on the right).

Here's the menu - it's similar to their Erlanger location but here - it's all organic! No frying, no grease. You can see the same message here on their site.

Larry and I each got a gyro ($5.25) and as usual they were HUGE! They are filled with over 1/3 pound of meat and it's always so delicious. I'm a huge fan of their gyros and it's especially great to see more options in Covington.

I used to work at 6th & Main and I know - there's not much on that strip - so a new place is always welcome!

Looking back, I should have gotten something that is more unique to this location - but I can say everything tasted very fresh and the tomatoes were really great (something you might really be able to tell if it's organic and/or fresh).

Inside - it has a great look. My favorite part of the visit was chatting with the owner - George Betas! A former coworker has known George for a long time - so I got to know him from visiting the Erlanger store so often. We had a great chat:

What made you decide to try this organic concept? 
I've been to California and organic is everywhere out there. I wanted to try something and bring that back here. 

How's it going so far?
Great during the week - Saturdays are a bit slow but they're picking up. We're even thinking about staying open for dinner hours... (Any thoughts for those of you in NKY?)

Why do you like this location?
I think it's great when I get to work at the Covington location. I feel good about the food I'm serving and I don't smell like grease when I go home. 

What's next for Greek to Me? 
It's not 100% yet but we are looking at opening up a third location DOWNTOWN! 

Why Should You Go? I'm a huge fan of Greek food - so anytime I can have a gyro - I'm a happy girl. I think there are some great options all over the city. Greek Isles in West Chester, Sebastians on the West Side and most definitely Greek to Me in Kentucky. GTM is also very affordable - $5 for a giant gyro is good on the pocketbook as well.

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Update - they have moved! They're now downtown on Court St next to Tom + Chee.

I went with some friends and we all got the combo with fries and it was soooo good! The gyros are so huge and I got extra tsatsiki - which is always good. They have fries now - they are similar to Penn Station but they coat them with their lemon seasoning and it's delish! So definitely keep going to Prassino - you won't be sorry!

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  1. Love this place. I missed the fries from the Erlanger store but this location is closer to my work. Was impressed how close they kept the taste of the gyros from the original store - great every time. Looking forward to a downtown location.

  2. I tried this place for the first time today. I was extremely disapointed with the service. My friend and I waited over 25 minutes for 2 gyros. 2 gyros! I am a greek food connoisseur, Sebastians, Apollos etc.. and have never had this happen at any greek restaurant. The hours for the Covington location are 10 -4. I understand it is lunch time and a rush can ensue, but to have 2 people working during such a peak time is not staffing your store to succeed. The girl working explained to us, after we complained we had already waited 25 mintues for our food that they have to make the bread per each order, I get that. Healthy is good, fresh is good however time is important to people during lunch hour, and your making Gyros not filet mignon. Great concept just poor execution of management or lack off...Maybe staffing the restaurant during peak hours to ensure proper service would be atiquit.
    After waiting for 25 minutes for my Gyro, i was hoping to salavage some modesty toward the restaurant but the taste was average, fresh bread yes..everything else average.. I wont be going back. I will frequent my usual greek restaurants that can send out a gyro in 2 minutes.

  3. Shannon - I have to say - I'm kinda shocked! I've always had great service at GTM and George the owner is so on top of things! I like the Erlanger spot only because they have the lemon seasoning for the fries that is my favorite...but Prassino is going for a healthier menu so I understand.

    I'd say give them another shot - maybe try the other location. And I think they're going to be downtown soon.

    Sorry your experience wasn't great - I know George would be disappointed to hear!