Johnny Rockets - worth $30?

The nice thing about working from home is that I get to have lunch with my hubby! He wanted to head out and I let him pick...he chose Johnny Rockets.

I wasn't real excited - but off we went! He likes the 50s diner setting and I have to admit that I do too. We chose the one near Kenwood Mall.

He's like a kid - always asking for change! 

We didn't try this - but man did it sound good! A strawberry oreo shake! Next time...if there's a next time...keep reading to see!

The server makes you a ketchup happy face and I have to say - ours was very cute.

The sandwiches are served without sides - so we ordered the half rings-half fries ($5.89). These onion rings were FANTASTIC! Not at all greasy and very crisp! The fries were standard but we both agreed - next time - all onion rings!

I got a patty melt with a turkey burger ($7.50ish). It wasn't so great...I mean it was fine but nothing I would order again. The rye bread was good.

Larry got the Rocket Double ($7.50ish) sans special sauce. It looks really good doesn't it. He wasn't bragging about it as he was eating it and the burgers looked a little dry on the inside. I think it was okay - and very big for sure - but not sure he'd go back for it. These definitely aren't thin, tiny patties though - so keep that in mind.

Why Should You Go? Well - it was okay - not great, not horrible. The onion rings were fantastic and the shakes looked great. Service was also very good - friendly and happy across the board. I think we were a bit sticker shocked - for 2 burgers, 1 side of fries/rings and 2 sodas (with cherry added to each) it was $30!!!!

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  1. See, that's my number one problem with Johnny Rockets: price. They changed it a few months back where you had to pay for fries seperate from the burgers and upped prices at both locations. Since's been much to rich for my blood.

  2. I really don't like places where you don't get at least fries with your burger. If you're going to pay almost $8 for mediocre food, at least throw in a tiny salad or pretzels or something.

  3. I haven't been there since there was one in tri county mall ages ago! And even then I thought it was too pricy! I can only imagine their prices now :(