Product Pimping Monday!

One of the perks of being a food blogger is getting free stuff. It totally doesn't balance out the cost of eating out - but hey - it's nice to get to try things! So I decided to pimp some products that I've had the pleasure of trying recently. BUT as always - Food Hussy is HONEST. So you'll get to hear what I really think!

First up Phro*zen Vegan Ice Cream right here in Cincinnati! The wonderful girls at Phro*zen won a contest of mine and we decided to do a little swap - cake mix for ice cream! They brought me their April flavor which has a local flare - Earthly Delights. They always feature another local business - this month is Grateful Grahams.  The monthly feature is like a "Mississippi Mud" and has a vanilla base with mocha frosting, walnuts, chocolate and the Grateful Grahams.

Phro*zen Ice Cream tasted great and it's egg-free so Larry & I could both enjoy it! Plus it's a local company - so you can't beat that...If you'd like to try it - check out the "About" page on their blog!

Next up - CHOCOLATE! I got a huge variety box of Guylian Chocolates. There was so much in the box! Above is just a sample of what I got. I definitely had to share the wealth. Rather than do a giveaway - I decided to just give out boxes of chocolates to my friends. They were all pretty psyched about it!

I had never had these before but when I popped open the box at my study group - everybody else had one big gasp and all exclaimed "THE SEASHELLS!" Apparently these are pretty popular... 

I have to say - they were damn tasty! It's a chocolate outside with a dark hazelnut praline filling. I'm not typically a fan of hazelnut but these are really great. Just one of them curbs the chocolate urge - which is nice. They're so rich that you aren't actually that tempted to eat the whole box! And they're pretty...not that my belly cares.

Lastly, thanks to FoodBuzz, I got a free can of the new Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry Juice. I'm always a fan of anything sparkling - Food Hussy loves the Fizz! Plus, my doctor told me to drink cranberry juice - I guess it's really good for you. I saw this stuff in the store too and it's $2.79/four-pack at Meijer. 

I really liked it - it's really just fizzy cranberry juice - so what's not to like?! They also have a Pomegranate Blueberry flavor too. 

All in all - 3 good products.  The Phro*zen is a great find because it's ice cream Larry can eat, the juice is great because it makes stuff I need to drink even tastier and hey - who doesn't like chocolate. I have to say - I'm most likely to buy the juice again. I don't buy chocolate too often and the Phro*zen will likely be a special treat since it's a little off-the-beaten-path to purchase. 

Have you tried any of these? Any new products you've tried that I should check out? 

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  1. We just sometimes use the fizzy cranberry drinks in our mixed drinks, like daiquiris. Soooooo gooooood.