House Party & Redbook Party - Fun with Friends!

I'm all about trying new products and sharing them with friends. Recently I found out about two new ways to do just that!

First - House Party - it's a website where anybody can sign up to host a brand-sponsored House Party. I heard about this a while back and have applied for quite a few parties. Finally I was selected to host one! They have everything from supplies for the house to food to alcohol - it's a nice variety. It feels a little frustrating at first to sign up for probably 10 parties before getting chosen but there are probably thousands of applications and I'm sure they want to spread the wealth.

I was chosen to host a Little Debbie Cloud Cakes House Party. Yes - they're basically Twinkies. I haven't had a twinkie for years so what the heck. They sent a box with tons of Cloud Cakes as well as coasters/frisbees, note pads and magnets.

Secondly, I signed up for the Redbook Party Panel. I've commented on their Facebook page quite a few times and even made it into the magazine! The party panel was something I was invited to - so start commenting and maybe you'll get invited too!

The first party they sent me was for Suave Professionals line of products. They also sent a giant box of hair care products and gift bags for 10 friends.

For convenience purposes, I ended up having these two parties together in one night. The whole point is to get together with friends and share the products with new people. Then - hopefully - everybody will talk about it and tell their friends, etc...

Putting the two parties together made for a great gift bag. Everybody got a box of Cloud Cakes, Little Debbie trinkets, Hair Accessories (comb, brush, hair ties, bobby pins) and free Suave Professionals products.

Here are some of my girlfriends that came over for the night. My husband was wanting Skyline dip so I made some thinking there would be leftover for him. Not so much. I now know there is NEVER leftover Skyline dip!

Fellow blogger Veggie Option made it over and brought her friend Michelle - who turned out to be my neighbor! Michelle is also the owner of the Tea Cozy Cottage in Mariemont - um new place to try!!!!

Here's my friend Aleshia enjoying a Cloud Cake. We even had a couple girls that had never even had a Twinkie! Most of us just hadn't had one in probably 15 years!

Then on the hair side - Marla and I sampled the Suave products. I tried their Captivating Curls Spray Gel that morning and yup - curls they were!

The party bag also contained some slick cards with different hair styles to try for the evening. Marla whipped her hair into the Classic French Twist - very nice!

The girls all came and picked out hair products to take home for themselves. The Dry Shampoo had everybody talking. It was definitely a good time and what girl doesn't love free hair stuff!

And after I was snapping pics all night - the girls made me get in front of the camera with a Cloud Cake. Thanks a lot girls! 

Hosting this party was really fun - be sure and check out the Little Debbie Million Smiles Mission as well. They're even giving away an Airstream trailer. I love those things! 

And since we had leftover boxes of Cloud Cakes - I'm donating them to Faces Without Places. It's an organization that helps homeless youth in Cincinnati. They have a summer camp and need donations. One of the items on their list was individually wrapped snacks - hey I have some! Check out the list - maybe you can help them out too! 

So check out all the links - there's a lot today - and let me know if you've tried the Cloud Cakes or the Suave Professionals line of products. I used the Captivating Curls Cream Mousse today and it's really unique. It's very thick and creamy for a mousse - I like it! 

And maybe next time - some of you can come to the party! Let me know if you're interested! 

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  1. How fun. I love that you donated to Faces Without Places. I used to be on their board and they are an amazing organization.