I is also for Indigo!

While I will be heading to a different restaurant for my official "I" visit - Larry and I stopped at Indigo in Hyde Park over the weekend. My friend & fellow blogger Veggie Option stopped by recently and had some good things to say and another friend gave me a gift certificate there - so we headed down to Hyde Park Square on Saturday night to try it out.

I have been before but it's been a long time. I always tend to think the menu looks really great - it's a mix of Mediterranean and Italian - but then my meal has never lived up to what I was hoping for. Will this time be different?

I like the tables - they're copper and pretty unique. We went around 8pm and it was nearly full but there wasn't a line - so good to keep in mind for future reference. Saturday nights are typically hard to find a nice place that doesn't have a line out the door.

The decor is unique. The neon red light is quite prominent inside - then there are mirrors and odd wall pape. It's just eclectic in an 80s sort of way. It doesn't make much sense and is completely different than the one in NKY.

We decided on the fish taco appetizer ($5.99) which is basically two fish tacos as you can see. These were really good! Most of their appetizers are in the $10-13 range - this was only $6 so we went for it. The fish is a thick white fish and has a nice seasoning. The rest of the ingredients are pretty standard but it was good. Honestly I think the portion is a bit large - it might be a better appetizer if it was 4 smaller mini-tacos.

I chose the Smoky Bacon Pasta with Linguine ($10). You get to choose from linguine, penne and spinach fettucini for any of their pasta dishes. They also welcome additions to their pasta or pizzas. They have a "Stuffings & Toppings" menu to customize your dish even more.

My dish was a pretty classic carbonara - cream sauce, peas, red onions and bacon. The bread was wedges of focaccia - it wasn't so good. It wasn't warm but it was stale. The pasta was okay - but again didn't love it. The bacon was the culprit - it big chunks and they were sort of chewy like jerky. I'd rather have had it a little underdone or crispier. I liked the dish - but didn't love it. 

Larry got the Hot Italian Sub ($12) which was salami, pepperoni, ham, red onions, banana peppers, mozzarella with oil & vinegar dressing. The dish came with a lot of options for a side: chips, fries, apples, soup or salad. As you can see - Larry went for the fries.

This was a great sandwich - it was meaty, cheesy, crispy and the dressing was nice too. I really liked the fries - I think rather than a fryer they use a broiler. Some were crispy and others were bendy (my favorite).

Why Should You Go? Well - it is a mixed bag of tricks. The appetizer was okay but a little big for an app. My pasta was fine. Larry's sandwich was good. I think this is probably the best experience I've had at Indigo. I'm realizing as I write this - it's very similar to my former favorite place in all of Cincinnati - Kona Bistro - but not as good. Oh how I miss Kona. But all in all - Indigo was okay.

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  1. carbonara is NOT A CREAM SAUCE! this makes me nuts! you're not the only one by far to think so, but carbonara is egg yolk and parm, and should not resemble an alfredo at all, in fact, it should be translucent.

    sorry for the rant, but i'm a chef and the carbonara thing makes me crazy.

  2. sorry for the mistake - it's creamY - how's that?

  3. I have really wanted to like Indigo because my boyfriend loves their ham sandwich, but I've always been really underwhelmed. We had a gift card the last time we went, so we splurged on appetizers and more expensive meals than we usually get.

    I really like this mexican dip like appetizer, but I'm blanking on the name and the website isn't working. I also tried a pasta dish..something with spicy sausage and was supposed to have some kick. But it was bland, bland, bland.

  4. Seriously, people complaining about appetizers being TOO big? That sounds like something one would say when there just isn't anything to criticize, but one can't help but being an over-critical d-bag. "Oh, please waiter, I feel like I should be provided with less product for the price I'm paying...take it back and make them eat half of it."

    Also, I too am a chef and find it hilarious when people who obviously know very little about things like sauces start firing off their uneducated commentaries... stick to something more your skill level, madame; I hear there's a new McDonald's opening near you.

  5. Re: app being too big - it was 2 full size tacos - I tend to like appetizers that are smaller pieces that can be more easily shared.

    Re: sauce - oh bite me. Before calling me a d-bag - look in the mirror.

    Sorry - sometimes I am in the mood to laugh at asshats and sometimes I bite back.