I = Island Frydays

For the letter I - the alphabet list is a bit lacking - so I decided to take this one into my own hands and chose Island Frydays in Clifton as the choice.

It's on Short Vine next to the Firehouse and you can't miss it. Seriously - how could you miss that yellow?

Here's a quick look at their menu - and yes - they have goat and oxtail. Here's a full menu.

Also - fun drinks! I was dying for a regular boring Coke but wish I'd tried the Kola Champagne and how can you not drink something called Ting?!

I got the small jerk chicken dinner - yes - that's the small ($8). That's rice and beans (or you could choose yellow rice), steamed vegetables, chicken (choose dark or light) and plantains.

Zomg. De. Lish. Seriously - it was fantastic. They put some of the gravy on the rice - even better. It was sweet & spicy. The steamed vegetables were even good! The plantains - perfect. Love love love this place!

I also got one of their "patties" - they have beef, chicken and veggie ($2) - I got veggie...but didn't really know what I was getting. I saved this for later...

My good friend Karen got the small chicken curry ($6). I THOUGHT I didn't like curry but Karen told me to at least try this - I owe it to you guys to try it. And I liked it!!!! Who knew?! She said it was really good - so I guess maybe I hadn't had really good curry?

Karen - God love her - can eat (and she's tall and thin - seriously - not cool!) - but I love going with her - because she jumps in feet first! She also decided to try the Jerk Wrap ($3). We split this and the pattie and this was delicious. It had the jerk chicken but was definitely like a Subway version of my dinner. It was good though and for $3 - um hells yeah!

Here's the inside of "the pattie" - it was okay. The veggies were juicy but the bread was a bit dry. I think maybe some cheese would make it more to my liking - shocking I'm sure. Actually I don't think there's anything on the menu with cheese!

Why Should You Go? Seriously - it's so freakin cheap!!!! I mean - the sandwich (also recommended by another friend) and the wrap are $3 each?! I really enjoyed the meals as well. Karen's curry had a lot of bones that she had to watch out for - but the flavor was great. Definitely a hidden gem in Cincinnati!

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