Product Pimping Tuesday!

More products to pimp! I decided to combine a couple into one dinner since they all seem to go together.

First up - Buffalo Wild Wings has introduced new seasonings that you can buy (much like their sauces) and take home! They are $4.25 each and can be purchased at your local BW3s or online. The options are: 
    Salt & Vinegar: With this seasoning, it's all in the name. 
    Chipotle BBQ: Fire roasted chipotle pepper & BBQ seasoning. 
    Buffalo: Classic heat & soothing buttery seasoning. 
    Desert Heat: Smokey, sweet & chili pepper seasoning.
Disclosure: BW3s sent me these seasonings free of charge. 

And...thanks to FoodBuzz and KC Masterpiece I got to try their new Southern Style sauce. It's a thinner sauce with a kick of vinegar that sets it apart. They recommend using it for pulled pork.

But - I had chicken in the freezer - thighs to be exact. And I had 5 of them! It was kismet! I decided to cook up the five thighs and try each of the seasonings/sauce!

Dessert Heat - this was the only labeled "medium" of the spices. This rub definitely has a kick to it. I put quite a bit of seasoning on them (as you can see). This is a bit smoky and tomatoey. I liked it at first - but then when I tried the others - it was my least favorite. 

Buffalo - this was spicier than the dessert heat and definitely that "buffalo" flavor you'd expect! I think the thing I like most about these is that you can go easy by using less or load it on if you like it hot! It's hard to see in the photo but these has a much brighter & lighter orange color. 

Salt & Vinegar - it looked like I had a heavy coat of seasoning so I refrained from adding more - but after tasting - I could have used a bit more. I was worried it would be too salty but it wasn't and I think it made the chicken a little juicier. I'd like to try it on fries as well. I liked this one a lot - also there's no spiciness in this one. 

Chipotle BBQ - nice smoky flavor with added touch of bbq and it's definitely got a spicy kick to it. If you like a spicy BBQ - this is the one for you. 

KC Masterpiece Southern Style - very unique, it's the "runny" style and has a major vinegar twang to it. It would be best with a pulled pork but wasn't bad here either. 

I also made some hash browns and had syrup on them. It was a nice way to combat the the spice and neutralize the pallet between bites. Anybody else ever eat them with syrup? It was my Mom's favorite way and I've loved it since I was a little tyke!

It will really depend on your particular tastes as to which you'd prefer - I'll definitely be using them again in the future. I'd love to see some recipes from BW3s using these seasonings to show their versatility! I could see using the Buffalo in a dip recipe.

You can also get the seasonings on your food at BW3s - so next time you're there - give them a try! And for the KC sauce - I'll have to try the pulled pork recipe.

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