Amazing Chicken Where?

Larry and I had to get some work done on the Yellow Beast of an SUV that we own and were up on Fields Ertel. We were also both STARVING. He suggested we go to Toot's.

I've driven by a million times and was always amazed by the name. They're half going for a Hooters-theme and half naming themselves after a bodily function - at least that's what I always thought. But hubby said he used to eat there all the time when he worked in this neck of the woods - so why not?! Toot's it is!

Upon walking in - we found a big giant lizard greeting us! Hi buddy! 

He was very active - every time I turned around - he was in a different spot. I don't usually see them so spry!

We started out with their "famous" fried pickles ($4.76). These were pretty darned good - Larry could not stop eating them! He said he'd never eaten that many pickles in his life! They were tangy and very lightly fried. I think another minute or so in the fryer might have been nice - but we enjoyed them very much!

One thing to note right off the bat - their prices crack me up! I'm not sure if it's so with taxes it's even numbers or if they're just kooky. But here's a random smattering of menu prices: $9.21, $4.92, $13.27. #random
Larry got the shrimp & puppies basket ($8.71) - he ate every shrimp and left the puppies. Actually I think they were fries but I'm not seeing shrimp & fries on the menu - so not sure what happened here. But he enjoyed them - again - the fry is fairly light. I tried one and they were tasty! 

I got the Signature Toot's Chick-On-A-Stick (2 skewers - $9.69). It also came with a side - I chose onion rings - cole slaw, texas toast and honey mustard and their signature cherry mustard for dipping.

Let me just say - this was DELICIOUS! The chicken had a fantastic marinade and a definite pineapple flavor that made it wonderful. I could not get over how great this chicken was. Larry agreed - it was wonderful! The battered onion rings were GINORMOUS and excellent as well. The cole slaw - probably my favorite ever! I usually take a bite of cole slaw and then sigh thinking - ugh - not so good. This stuff was like KFC used to be (in my fond memories of getting KFC as a child). I ate that first - even Larry said "you usually don't like cole slaw?!" - but this stuff was great!

The dipping sauces - well mixed bag here - I was not a fan of the cherry mustard. But I LOVED the honey mustard. So much so - I bought a bottle to take home! I'm picky on my honey mustard and have yet to find one in the grocery store that I like - so I was thrilled to find out they sell their sauces right there at the restaurant! They also sell BBQ and wing sauces.

Why Should You Go? Go for the Chick-On-A-Stick if nothing else! I was truly shocked at how much I enjoyed the meal. I just thought it would be fine - average - bar & grill - food. I was pleasantly surprised that it was so much more! I can't wait to go back! They also have a lot of sports memorabilia hanging on the walls and lots of tv's - so it's definitely a guy place as well. Yeah Toots!

(I still can't figure out why you'd name a place Toot's but now I don't care cuz the food is that good!)

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