Great Scott! Well - the Diner that is...

Quite often we head out to the East side of town to the Bethel/Amelia area and a couple of weeks ago - there we were again. And - we were starving! We've been wanting to stop into the Great Scott Diner for months and this was the perfect time. 

It's a big metal building - it's been a ton of things over the years but we both have a feeling this one is going to stick. They have another restaurant - just called Great Scott - and it's been doing quite well for a long time.

Inside - it's the classic 50's diner style with the black/white floors. It's definitely a fun vibe...

They also have a game room where you can get tickets like at Chuck E Cheese. It's all lights and colors - such a visual overload.

Here's the giant ticket machine! You put your tickets in and it counts them - then you get to pick out your prize. It takes all the people out of it - pretty handy for a restaurant. 

We got a cool ball - which we took home and our dog ate in about 3.5 seconds. 

Larry got the Strip Steak Dinner ($12.99). He really liked it - the steak was cooked perfectly - which is pretty great for a fairly quick restaurant. The beans were canned and the mashed potatoes could have been hotter. But - the steak was really good - so that made it a "thumbs up".

We also got mozzarella sticks - they were fine but nothing to really write home about. I'm dying for some cheese sticks that are battered not breaded. The Tic Toc back home has fantastic ones - I might have to make a stop when I'm home next month!

I spotted something on the menu right away and knew what I was getting. The Texas Pork Loin ($4.69) and a side of onion rings ($1.99). This was pretty darned good - not Iowa good - but a good Ohio tenderloin. I think some bbq sauce or mustard would be a nice add. The onion rings were delicious!

Why Should You Go? If you're out in that area - it's a great spot. Service is friendly - there's something to occupy the kids and the food is good. It's not quite "greasy spoon quaint" because it is really large - but we both enjoyed it.

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  1. We went with a group of 17 to Great Scott last Friday and everything was great. My husband had the tenderloin (which he said was probably the best he had ever had. I had the liver & onions and they were very good. The service was very good for a group of 17 at lunch time we had no complaints. Would definitely recommend.. We are going back for the cruise-in on Monday nights beginning in April