J = Jean Paul's Paradiso

So I try not to be melodramatic but let me say - finish this paragraph and then shut your computer off and go to Jean Paul's Paradiso. It's on Clough Pike - not too far from 32. Okay - GO! 

Wait - you could be reading this at like 830am - if so - it's probably not open yet. So you can finish reading - but go tonight - K? 
As you're trucking down Clough Pike - keep an eye out for it. It's next to a gas station and we NEARLY missed it. Inside there are only 2 high top tables - so you can eat in - but it's mostly a take-out place.

You walk in and the smell is divine! There are breads, baked goods, pizzas and so much more - all made - right there, in-house. Woohoo!

Pies, cakes, cookies - so much deliciousness staring you in the face. Really you might want to make sure you do carry out just for the sake of extra calories!

He also makes home made ice creams and sorbets - all of it - HOME. MADE.

Seriously people? 

Larry was so good! After all the food at the Banana Split Festival yesterday - he only got a chicken caesar salad (this is the small $5.70 without chicken). It was HUGE and the croutons were so amazing. You could tell they came from the bread Jean Paul's makes.

I got the Ravioli Paradiso ($12) - Homemade pasta stuffed with sun dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, mushrooms and chèvre pooled in red pepper cream sauce with spinach and meatballs. I have three words to describe this: A. MAZ. ING.

Seriously - it was sooooooo good! I'm salivating right now because the leftovers are in my fridge and I'm about to devour them. I ate about half - the pasta was fresh, the sauce was so delicious and the meatballs - don't even get me started. They weren't just a wad of hamburger - they were light and soooo good. The spinach throughout the sauce was also a great touch of vegetables for extra flavor. Seriously - delicious stuff here.

Plus people kept coming in for take-out orders and the pizza was definitely calling us. It looked and smelled so good. My favorite thing as folks came in was the fact that the lady at the counter knew every single one of them. And every one of them bragged to us about how amazing this place is! Their Urbanspoon rating is 94% for pete's sake!

And you didn't think I could leave that bakery counter without taking some things home did you?! Each of these was about $4. There's a Chocolate Mousse cup, pecan pie and chocolate eclair. Decadence awaits! I tried a couple bites of the mousse and it was heavy and thick and chocolatey! I think the Eclair will be tonight's dessert!

Why Should You Go? Um - cuz it's awesome! I'm so thankful this was chosen for the letter J! If you're within the realm of the East side - go get something. Here's the menu and the phone number is 513-231-2780. I just can't say enough - this is some goooooooood stuff! Larry has already said - next time we order pizza - we're getting it from here!

Also - check out the huge frame of well wishes as you walk in the door. A few years back, someone attacked the owner and he was out of commission for a while. It's very heart-warming.

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  1. This place sounds awesome! I can't wait to try out some of these desserts and that pasta...YUM!

  2. FYI - The Eclair was DELICIOUS!

  3. Between the pasta and the ice cream, it sounds a lot like Europa in Covington --so it must be awesome!

    Thanks for sharing this discovery!

  4. CB - I can see your point - but it's SOOO different! I think the pizza is the mainstay at Jean Paul's - nearly every take out order was pizza and they always opened the box for the customer to see the pizza - and make us drool apparently! Very different vibe than Europa but equally as good (and I think better).