Mediocre Mexican

Larry and I were on one of our random drives - aimlessly wandering the city and we were starving. So we came across Taco Casa in the Loveland area.

Because it's a seemingly generic Mexican name - I didn't realize until I walked in that it's the same one that's in the Hyde Park/Oakley area across from Kroger.

Once I was told that their signature item was the Taco Salad - I knew what I was getting into. They also offer tacos, burritos, etc...

It's sort of Chipotle-ish with toppings to add but the guy working the counter wasn't really in the mood to ask me what I wanted. He more told me what I was getting - but hey - I'm flexible - I like toppings...go for it!

We each got a combo with a small taco salad, taco, rice and chips/salsa (Combo #2 - $9.90).

We were really disappointed. The salad is iceberg lettuce smothered in ranch, hamburger meat and Skyline-amounts of shredded cheese. You'd think I'd love this - right?! Meh - it is pretty flavorless and gets old quick.

The chips were stale and taco sauce was free but a cup of salsa was extra (really?). The rice was horrible - dry and tasted like it came out of an MRE package.

The hard shell taco was actually pretty good.

Why Should You Go? We both ate less than half of our meals...nuff said.

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  1. Would you like some salad with your cheese?

  2. That's too bad, I typically have liked the Taco Salad here, but it's been awhile since I've been.