Street Truck Bar-B-Que

I've only driven down Montgomery Rd through Pleasant Ridge into Norwood about 10,000 times. And about 9,999 of those times I've said, "I should go to that BBQ truck!". I finally did.

Typically I've hesitated for two reasons:

1. The store across the street is SHADY - I can't help it - it creeps me out. It's just a convenience store but from what I can tell they aren't just selling sodas.

2. I never have cash on me. I just kinda figured with a food truck like this - you'd need cash. So this day - I went and got cash. Guess what? They take credit cards!

The menu has quite a few things on it - I had a hard time deciding! I decided to try some rib tips. The rib tip dinner with two sides - $8. (I selected the SMALL.)

THAT is the small portion?! Wowza! I never really knew what rib tips were - but the guy in the truck grabbed ribs out of the pan and took a meat cleaver to them. They definitely did NOT skimp on sauce and it had a nice kick to it. 

The sides were a mixed bag - I didn't love the coleslaw but the mac & cheese was really great. 

Why Should You Go? I think it's definitely worth a try. The rib tips are a little annoying to eat for my tastes - there isn't a lot of meat on each piece. I think next time I would try a pulled pork and there will be a next time!  It's definitely a good deal - we were pleasantly surprised by amount of food for $8! 

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  1. This is literally right down the street from me! It can definitely be a bit shady (although we've had no problems, everyone is pretty friendly!), but the area is also great because there are a bunch of people who have just lived there for decades and decades. I have yet to go to J&Ws, but my bf said he liked it. That mac&cheese looks really good...I'm definitely going to have to try that!!

    I think the accepting credit cards things is fairly new.

  2. I'm with you, have driven past this countless times and wondered if it is good. I'll be sure to check it out!

  3. I had this last Friday. I had the ribs which were good but I would have liked them to be more tender. The spicy sauce was very nice however. I'm with you, the next time I will get the pulled pork.

  4. That mac and cheese looks divine! Although, I think the rib tips look over saucy (and I'm a saucy kind of girl).