Tried for Brunos, Got Raymonds Instead!

Sometimes I laugh at our GPS. This past weekend we went camping and wanted ice cream. It took us to someones home in Bethel. While I was tempted to stop and see if they had any - I didn't think they would appreciate it. 

Well last week after attending Homearama in West Chester we were starving and I wanted pizza. I remembered how fantastic Brunos was and wanted to go back. Well my GPS apparently wasn't a fan because try as we might - it couldn't get us there. I hate that you have to enter a city! Oh well - we ended up near Yankee and I knew there was a pizza joint there - so Raymond's Pizza was our choice! 

It's in a strip mall with a Kroger and a bunch of other things. They do serve alcohol. You order at the counter and then the food is brought to you. We ordered some cheesey garlic bread but I was using Larry's phone and didn't save the picture. It was really great. It was like the huge half circle shaped loaves of garlic bread smothered in cheese. Good stuff. And one small order ($4.29) was more than enough for 2 people.

Since we had the mammoth serving of garlic cheese bread, we opted for a small Grandpa's combo ($8.59 - Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom, Onion, Green Peppers). The small was plenty after the bread and we actually had a couple pieces left over. It was really good. The sauce was good and we both enjoyed the pizza very much. Although not as good as Bruno's - we were not disappointed!

Why Should You Go? Well - would I drive up there from Pleasant Ridge? Probably not - but if you're in the area - it's a good spot. It's a family run business with a very friendly staff. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat!

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  1. you missed Bruno by about 1/4 mile. It's on the same side as Raymonds, just further North on Cin-Day Rd. Both are great pizza. I grew up on Chester's in Hamilton (Rays Grandfather) and ate Bruno's in Oxford in college. Chester's is well known in Hamilton and has won Cincinnati Magazines best pizza. Ray does a great business and by far this my favorite.