The Best Pizza in Cedar Rapids!

So yes - it's Iowa week on - I just couldn't help but take pics of all my favorite places and hey - you never know when you might be passing through the City of Five Smells...I mean Seasons. Seriously - that's the motto "The City of Five Seasons" - it's stupid. But they do have five smells - I always seem to forget one of them though - let's see - there's Quaker Oats, ADM Corn (the WORST), the Dump (breezes are the worst), Ralston/Purina and General Mills. The only good smell is once a week - Quaker Oats makes their version of Fruity Pebbles. That my friends - is a good smell.

But back to Iowa week - one of my favorite places in CR is Zoey's Pizzeria. It's a tiny little place actually in Marion (which is like Cincinnati/Covington - without a river separating). If you go on a Friday night - prepare to wait and wait and WAIT. We tried...but our hunger pangs from an 8 hour drive were too much so we decided to go back Saturday for lunch - much better choice! (Stil busy though).

Zoey's is all about the pizza - they have New York Thin and Chicago Thick. The NY Thin isn't really thin or NY style really but being from Iowa - I never knew the difference. My favorite is always the Chicago Thick. I get very disappointed when someone doesn't want to get that - it's what I go to Zoey's for!

Tanner, of course, had to show off...I think it's the "mean quarterback" face?

It was a big family lunch with Amy's mom and brother joining us - I've known her family since I was 3 years old - so pretty much - her family is my family! Josh was too hungry to wait for the pizza so he got an order of garlic cheese bread ($6.00). He just laughed when this came out and said "I hope you're all hungry!" It was a GIANT order and really was more like "cheese with a little cube of bread underneath". But hey - I love cheese - it was good! Too cheesy for Larry though.

Four of us got a large Chicago style half Taco - half Zoey ($25.50). They are definitely known for their taco pizza - it even comes with sour cream on it! The Zoey is a fairly typical "supreme" with lots of meats and veggies.

Here's a shot of the Zoey - thick tomato sauce and the crust is great - really flaky.

And a close-up of the Taco. It has more of a salsa type of sauce - reheats well too. Amy and I each ate only one piece at lunch. It's so thick! You just kept taking bite after bite and still had half a slice left!

Why Should You Go? Well not too many places have the thick crust and Zoey's is local - which I love. I'm not usually one to reheat in the microwave but it stayed crispy on the crust - which is saying something! I'm a big fan of Zoey's and it was nice to revisit after all these years! If you're in the area and haven't had Zoey's - you should go!!!! (Just avoid Friday & Saturday night unless you are prepared for an hour wait.)

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