Boatin, Playin, Tannin, Eatin

While on my trip to Iowa - we took the boat out on the Mississippi River and headed out for a day of sun (still peeling) and fun (river water - ooooh!). 

Our friend's choice for boating took us up to Guttenberg, IA. From there - we put the boat in and head up river to a sandbar where we bake in the hot hot hot HOT sun and then cool off in the river. After a few hours of that - we were hungry! So we hopped in the boat and headed back toward Guttenberg. 

Along the way - is Bill's Boat Landing. It's got a pretty nice sized dock where lots of boats can pull up. Then hop out and head inside where it's a LITTLE cooler and have some grub! 

It's pretty standard pub fare - so don't expect anything fancy. And you might as well set an extra place for all the flies that buzz around there! But I have to remember - it was 150 degrees out that day - and flies get hot too apparently. 

Larry got the onion rings - which were great (sorry not too many websites around here - hell I didn't even know where I was!). They were crispy and very tasty.

I went for the fried shrimp and American fries (with cheese). These were okay - the shrimp were fine - but I tired of them quickly - guess I just wasn't in a shrimpy mood. The fried potatoes - weren't very crispy and I hate when they slap a piece of American cheese on them - buy some damn shredded cheese - it's not that much more expensive!

Why Should You Go? Well if you're on a boat and you're hungry - it's there. No ambiance and lots of flies - but it was fine for what we were looking for.

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Finally we got back to Guttenberg and the boys got the boat all hitched up and ready to head back to Cedar Rapids. But first - we were dying for something cool!

And we found Joe's Pizza! While Pizza isn't cool - their ice cream is! It seemed like the popular place that afternoon. cream! 

Why Should You Go? Cold ice cream on a hot day = goodness. 

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