Drive Around Yellow Springs

I love Yellow Springs. If you haven't been - you need to go! It's a hippie town - home to Antioch College (they don't believe in grades - you do "self evaluations" at the end of your class) and it's got a very hippie vibe to it. It's also home to Dave Chapelle

A few years back, my comedy class instructor told me that Dave lived up there and I've heard many people tell me they'd seen him - but I finally had my first Chapelle sighting in Yellow Springs! I decided to be very cool and not take his picture or anything. He was walking around with his shirt off just chatting with random peeps on the street that were playing music, etc... He's much bigger in person! 

So back to YS - it's about an hour and fifteen minutes from Cinci - just north of Dayton. And once you enter the town - you know you're someplace unique. Cars stop for pedestrians, the sidewalks are FILLED with people of every color and there are vendors and shops and music EVERYWHERE! It's a great place to spend a day. 

I also have to thank my good friend Jennifer Reed for getting us to go. We were looking through her new book - Cincinnati Day Trips - looking for someplace to go - and there it was - Yellow Springs! A great little nudge for us to go. And the plug for her book - it's awesome! It's a history lesson wrapped up with fantastic pictures and great weekend ideas - I can't WAIT to dive in and check out more places! 

But after walking around and spotting Chapelle a few times - we were a couple of hungry kids and needed sustenance.

We found Ye Olde Trail Tavern on the main drag there and decided to stop. We'd been a couple of places but hadn't tried this one - so it was something new.

It's an OLD building - very unique. The inside is dark and a tight squeeze - but we sat outside on the covered patio and enjoyed the scenery.

It's a cute little nook that houses probably 7 businesses! There's a pottery shop...

There's also an art gallery/store (where I got a fantastic painting a couple years ago) and a few other shops back this way.

Then there's the nut house! (Not where I live though). We were dying to get some sugared pecans but they closed before we were done with dinner.

All of those photos of nearby shops were taken from our seat on the patio - pretty cool!

Larry got the Reuben and fries ($8.95) and it was delicious! I was a bit jealous of him at this point - thick, juicy and cheesy - yum yum and yum!

I got the Pesto Grilled Cheese ($5.75) with mozzarella, pesto, tomato and spinach (also a bag of kettle chips). I was jealous of Larry - until I had a few bites of this sandwich! It was fantastic as well! It was just cheesy enough but not too much so - the spinach and pesto really added a ton of flavor and crunch.

Why Should You Go?  Well originally we tried to go to Ha-Ha Pizza and didn't have such a good experience. I tried to go before and really liked it so we went there first. After waiting for 20 minutes - we were finally passed up by the waitress so she could wait on an 8-top that had just walked in the door. We (and the 4-top next to us) got fed up and walked out. So The Trail Tavern was our second choice but it was a good one - we both really enjoyed the sandwiches we got and the patio is a really great seat to watch the world go by.

Ye Olde Trail Tavern on Urbanspoon

After dinner - we decided to walk around the square a little more and see some of the houses that Yellow Springs has to offer.

Then we came across the Enchanted Walkway. We definitely had to duck to get through - but it's pretty cool. They have the branches taped and bound up to make this - it's cute.

And we found the Corner Cone! We each got a small chocolate cone (mm mm good) and walked around a bit more. They also have bikes for rent to tool around town with! Great find!

Corner Cone on Urbanspoon

And then on the way home - we came across this giant cow on Highway 42. This cow is the size of a semi! Sorry for the bad picture - the sun was shining and I tried to take the picture while we were driving by. Anybody who knows why this cow is in their yard - please share? I'm guessing they're cattle farmers?! 

All in all - I love an afternoon in Yellow Springs - it's a nice quiet drive and there's a lot to see: hippies, musicians and celebrities! 


  1. Yellow Springs is my absolute favorite place for a day trip. Love the hiking and love the food! Everyone raves about Ha-ha, but I wasn't crazy about it and it takes FOREVER! I'm just not into waiting an hour for a pizza that I could make at home! Have you been to Young's Dairy? Amazing ice cream (get a waffle cone, they are made fresh every couple hours)! And cheese curds, YUM! And Peifer Orchards has the best apple cider and great raspberry and pumpkin picking.

  2. I loved Haha the first time but probably won't go back after the awful customer service.

    And yes - I've been to Young's once but I haven't been to the Orchards!

    I think that might be our next day trip - Young's and Orchards...raspberry season has to be soon - right?

  3. I think it's because everyone in the kitchen and anyone who's waiting on you is stoned off their ass! They move at a much slower and disjointed pace than everyone else!

    Peifer Orchards is right next to a plant nursery that has all these different animals (emu, pigs, etc) which is kind of cool, but closed on Sundays, I think!

    I'm not sure about raspberry season, but their website doesn't say anything. I'd call first, just to double check.

    Also, hiking in Glenn Helen is my fav. I much prefer it to John Bryan State park.

    And I recently had brunch at the Winds Cafe, which was very tasty (but a little pricey for my liking). My sis and her husband love the Winds for a nice [somewhat classy] meal in Yellow Springs (but I haven't been for dinner yet).

  4. My good friend Wendy has her art work showing at the Sunrise Cafe right now. If you're up in the next month or so - you should check it out!