L= Lime Taqueria

The year is a bit past it's half-way mark and I'm about half-way through the alphabet! I'm at the 12th letter in the 27th week of the year - so just a LITTLE behind. I'll have to make up for it on the back-half but I'm confident I can whiz through M-Z without any problem.

For the letter L - I decided to cancel this week's vote. I feel like I know you guys pretty well and typically if there's a new place with some buzz - that's who you vote for. And well - Lime Taqueria opened in Mainstrasse recently and there's some buzz - so I took matters (and my Groupon) into my own hands and went for it! 

It's a really cute place - it's an old house - just down the street from Chez Nora's and across from Otto's. I love the accents of lime and the patio furniture. It feels like someone's personal patio - which is a nice touch. I also just painted my office the same color - so I like it.

Inside - you basically check the SMALL menu and order - then the girls will bring your order to you. The menu only has maybe 5 things on it - so you can't be with really picky people.

We started with chips & queso ($3) - the price was fine but the queso wasn't. It tasted more like cheddar cheese soup with salsa than the thick and cheesy queso that I like. The chips were fine - but I missed the zesty zing of lime juice from Chipotle's chips. (They really have cornered the market on this concept.)

I got the fish tacos ($7.50) and was really disappointed. I asked the server to help me choose between this and the black bean/tofu burrito and she recommended these. The whole thing was just DRY. The tilapia was dry and almost chewy, the cabbage and pickled red onion needed a lot more of the cilantro crema to make it enticing. I was pretty bummed because I had REALLY been looking forward to trying Lime out!

Larry got the BBQ Pork Burrito ($6.50) which seemed silly to take a picture of - I mean - it's a wrapped object. It was much better than my tacos and we both liked the flavor although it could have used more bbq sauce - because it was really just a hint of sweetness - rather than true bbq flavor. I didn't taste any of the pineapple salsa really - but like I said - we both liked it.

Why Should You Go? Well I love the concept but I didn't love the food. So not sure I'll go back. They have a new special each day (it was a rather boring sounding "Ground Beef Tacos" this day) - but those usually sound unique and funky. Maybe if I'm with someone else - I'll give it another whirl. I think I'd have to do some heavy convincing to get Larry to go back. Hopefully some of you have tried it and liked it better.

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After a so-so lunch we decided to enjoy my afternoon off and take a walk. We stopped by Europa for some gelato - Larry loves that stuff. The staff there is SO friendly and the servings are huge - I got a small and it was plenty! Larry's eyes were much larger than his stomach and he got a large and couldn't even finish it. I also found out they serve a very fancy sounding dinner! We've already decided on that for a future date night.

Then we just strolled around Covington - you never know what you'll find!

Larry pointed out this tree whose roots have clearly burst from its allotted cement space - it was really cool to look at - no mulch needed here! Mother Nature just takes over when it needs to.

Then we stumbled upon Willard St! (That's my maiden name.) A couple blocks away - there's a Johnson St. We decided someday we need to find a house at the corner of Willard and Johnson to live in. 

I have to put in a little plug for our morning as well - we went to the NACC Convention which had been invading downtown for a few days. I got to see Francis Chan speak and he was amazing! He wrote the books Crazy Love, Forgotten God and the just released Erasing Hell. He's so engaging and just sucks you in from the moment he opens his mouth. Sincere and authentic are two words I would use to describe him. His books have made such an impact on me - it was great to hear him in person. Not to turn this into a religious blog - but if you're at all curious about God or church or any of that (or already a church-goer) - I highly recommend his books. Wow. 

It was a great way to spend a vacation day - I know that! 


  1. So did you actually tell them inside that you were unhappy with the meal or did you just rush home to blog about it?

  2. Sometimes I'll tell people, sometimes I won't. I was with my husband and wasn't really in the mood to deal with it.