ABC's of Dining - The Letter N: National Exemplar

So y'all voted for the letter N and The National Exemplar won. It's such a big fancy name - I admit - I was a little intimidated. It's in historic Mariemont - which is such a pretty neighborhood. Larry and I always joke that even in the dead of winter when our neighborhood hasn't seen a plow in a month - places like Mariemont and Indian Hill still have daisies blooming and not a speck of snow on the road. Bastards!

But aside from my bitterness, it is a great neighborhood and the restaurant is attached to the hotel on the square. We decided to go for a Sunday brunch rather than dinner for cost savings.

I love Tudor style. Every time I see a house like this - I say "I want one like that!" This is the hotel on the corner.

Even the clock is fancy.

Here's the bar - it's original. And something else I didn't know - this was actually the first First Watch. Our friend thought that was what he heard and the waiter confirmed it. Who knew?!

Sorry the pictures aren't the best - my sister changed settings so I don't have to use the flash - but sometimes the light is still low. Larry got the BLTE (sans E - $6.99) and said it was really good.

One of the guys got a burger I think...I feel bad - it's been a week and I don't remember. Sorry!

I got the Bacado omelette (bacon, avocado and melted monterey jack cheese, topped with sour cream. Served with a side of salsa. $7.99) It came with potatoes and an english muffin. It was okay. I really like omelettes and was really excited about it - but in the end - it didn't have much flavor. I liked it okay and I ate it - but nothing too outstanding here. 

Our other friend got the Sonoran Fritatta ($6.99) - and that is just fun to say. We all decided we wanted to order fritattas just to say it over and over again - FREE-TATA. What a fun word! He liked his as well.

Why Should You Go? Well our friends really enjoyed it - Larry and I both thought it was fine. I think if we were in the neighborhood again - we'd likely try Dilly Cafe since we haven't been there yet. Also - on a Sunday - it's busy - fyi. We planned on meeting at 1pm but got there 15 minutes early - and there was a 15 minute wait. (good timing!) So if you're going at a brunch-y time - plan ahead - they do NOT take reservations.

One more thing to note - while service was prompt - our server was a bit overzealous. He took everybody's plates before they were really finished. Larry hadn't even eaten his fruit yet and they snatched it away. It wasn't like we'd been there for 2 hours chatting away and using up his table - we were in and out in an hour and there wasn't a line waiting to be seated.

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  1. Definitely try dinner here, I went a couple years ago and had a fantastic pork tenderloin that I still talk about! Hope they still have it :)

  2. I'm glad we kinda agree on the National Exemplar. You'll have to try the crepeggs if you go back for breakfast. That's my favorite. The owner First Watch basing the menu on the Exemplar's. Although they're not identical, they still resemble one another. Believe it or not, this place was a bad diner pre-1983!