Dog Days of Summer - Literally!

If you know me personally - you'll know how much of an animal lover I am. Our household has multiple cats and - as of last year - we have a dog! Our dog Mysty is probably a mutt but she's mainly a German Shorthair Pointer (bird dog). She's extremely hyper and always full of energy - and that's truly an understatement.

Here she is in her favorite upstairs spot - lounging on my rug in my home office. While in Iowa a couple of weeks ago, Mysty spent the week at Angel's Rest Animal Sanctuary. They've started boarding animals and did a fantastic job with her. It was great to have her get so much personal attention and knowing the fees we paid went to a good cause!

While Mysty was lounging with Perla and crew - I was in Iowa hanging out with friends and I found a couple great dog-related vendors that I wanted to share with you guys! Even though I found them in Iowa - they are both web-vendors and can ship their goods to you!

I found both of them at the Downtown Cedar Rapids Farmers Market. First up was Dog Gone It - they sell collars, leashes and harnesses and you can get them personalized! As you can see in the photo above - we got one for Mysty. DGI also recommends getting your phone number on the collar as well - just in case - it definitely is easier than trying to read a small dangling name tag!

The fabric choices are vast and so adorable! Our dog is a big hyper dog and not very girly - for a girl - thus we chose a fun collar but got pink stitching for a girly touch. We ordered the collar at the market and they shipped it to us (free shipping if you order at the market) two weeks later.

And they didn't pay me to say this stuff! We are very happy with the collar - it's the right size and the closure is big and sturdy (not cheaply made like some).

Next up - Bushy Tail Bakery! My friend from high school has started a pet treat bakery and is selling some of the treats at the farmers markets in Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas as well. She gave me a couple sample bags of dog treats for Mysty and Zoey (friend's dog in CR) to try.

These are the peanut butter treats. Lacinda gave me a little variety bag of things to try and both dogs LOVED them. Now I have to say - neither is too picky - but they both gobbled the treats and begged for more!

So if you're a dog person - check out these two sites and give them a try!

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