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Time to giveaway the $85 gift certificate to the Marquee Cafe at Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, IN! Thanks again for the mega burger experience - it was a blast. If you didn't read that one - it's a must see - the pictures were great fun!

The winner is #7 - MrJCD - I'll be emailing him and getting his info - thanks so much for all the entries! I've got some good giveaways coming - Skyline, Honey Baked Ham and more!!! 

But now - a quick pictureless blog review! 

I thought for sure I had reviewed Betta's Italian Oven in Norwood before but apparently I hadn't. Oye vay. 

I went last night for dinner with my sister before she headed back to Korea this morning - I feel horrible that THIS was her last meal. 

I ordered a bianco pizza with goat cheese, mushrooms and kalamata olives. They brought the pizza with bleu cheese. I told them it was bleu cheese. The owner came out, pulled up a chair and told me I was wrong because he KNEW it was goat cheese. Then he later said "I'm 99% sure - unless the kid made a mistake." He made a mistake - trust me. I think bleu cheese tastes like feet - goat cheese tastes like cream cheese. I know the difference. They offered to make me another pizza - I said no thanks. I was just going to eat a couple pieces of my friend's pepperoni. He insisted - so I said sure - he decided he was going to make me a special pizza. 

He made me a bianco pizza with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. It was fine but I didn't love it either. There was NO cheese on it - and we all know I love cheese. And honestly - the bianco pizza just has too  much garlic. Funny thing is - when we were discussing the bleu vs. goat cheese - he told me that it wasn't the cheese I wasn't liking - it was the bianco "sauce" which is garlic & olive oil. He even made a face like he thought it was gross. THEN WHY MAKE ME ANOTHER PIZZA WITH IT??? 

Ugh - so onto my sister's debacle. She ordered the Filo Chicken. The chicken was dry and it was smothered (and I mean SMOTHERED) with this gravy. We all tasted it and thought it was basically sausage gravy without the sausage. You know - the thick white gravy you get at Frisch's! Seemed odd to get that at an Italian restaurant - but oh well. Well sis hated it - she scraped it all off - and was wishing she could see the menu again because she didn't remember any mention of gravy. Turns out - it was alfredo sauce???!!! That was the thickest, gloppiest, graviest alfredo I've ever seen. Not. Good. 

Our friend Lou got pizza with red sauce and sausage and pepperoni - it was fine. Their pizza is baked in the wood oven and I do like the crust and texture. But after my sis' and my food issues - we won't be back. 

Also want to note service - our server was extremely friendly and nice. None of this was his problem or fault (well except when he gave me the wrong salad dressing - ugh - it was that kind of a night). I was also a little surprised that I got charged for my pizza - I ate one piece of the first one and one piece of the second one and didn't ask for a box. 

Why Should You Go. We should have gone to Pomodori's. Nuff said. 

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  1. Ugh..the owner at Betta's. I've had good meals there but I have been boycotting it forever because of how he treated us one night.

  2. The food was a bit foul. Poor Edith--her 'alfredo' sauces was a cross between gravy and pudding.


  3. I love Betta's! I went to Xavier, so it was definitely a staple for us and I still make trips back for nostalgia. I've never had them get my order wrong and the service is always great. I usually get a calzone (my mouth is watering just thinking about them!) or the cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce. I agree the alfredo is really thick, but I love it! I've also had good interactions with the owner. Maybe you should go back and get a calzone! Maybe they were just having an off night.

  4. Yikes, what an awful experience!

    I've never had a bad meal there (knock on wood), and it's one of our favorite Italian restaurants in the city.

    Sounds like the owner was trying to make things right but it backfired. Bummer. :(

  5. I bet there's a different side to this story. None the less enjoy eating at pomidoris.

  6. To "Anonymous" - there were two other people at my table that can tell you it's exactly how it went down. The other commenter above "Tirz" is one of them.

    And I did go to Pomodori's this past week and it was great!

  7. Just a note on this. Had similar bad experiences. Won't go back....ever. The owner, I think,must be in financial trouble, cause he served us some really bad meals(all dif)and basically said "tough luck, don't order it again".