Mega Burger and MEGA GIVEAWAY!

Every once in a while - a girl needs a fun night out. I think you'd all agree with that?! Well - thanks to Hollywood Casino in Indiana - this girl got one - and it was all free to boot! 

Unfortunately I can't pass a free dinner and party on to all of my readers - BUT - I will be passing on an AWESOME gift certificate to one of you! Where to? The Marquee Cafe - one of the restaurants inside Hollywood. 

They asked me to come out and bring 6 of my friends with me for a night of BIG food and BIG fun! Here are Steve and Marla posing so nicely in front of Marquee.

I will warn you - it's a photo-heavy blog - but I just wanted you to see how much darned fun we had!

Inside it's very nice - lots of white and pretty - it's a sit-down casual restaurant. They also have the typical "casino buffet" and the Final Cut Steakhouse.

A couple folks tried a local Indiana beer and enjoyed it very much! 

We started with a couple of appetizers - first up was a basket of Fried Pickles, Sticks and 'Shrooms ($8.99). This was served with a side of Chipotle Ranch. Everybody really loved this appetizer. The "sticks" were green beans - which was a unique addition. The mushrooms were my favorite part because they were portabella - not just button. Good stuff!

Then the girls (Holly on the left) kept telling us we needed to get the giant pretzel. After suggesting it a couple of times - we caved - thank goodness we did!!! The Texas Twist ($12.99) is served with honey mustard and beer cheese. Now it doesn't look that ominous on the tray but... was HUGE! (There were a LOT of "that's what she said" thrown around this night)

The pretzel was also really good - it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The sauces were good as well - the beer cheese was my favorite for sure. 

After the appetizers - we were preparing for THE BURGER! Yes - Marquee Cafe has what they call a "Mega Burger". That's really the main reason I was invited - to taste and tell you all about THE BURGER! 

Here I am with the chef - you just have to look at the picture a couple times. It's like "Honey I Blew Up The Burger".

The mega burger is made with a two-pound Hawaiian toasted bun; two all beef seasoned patties totaling five pounds; one pound of sliced American, Swiss or cheddar cheese; a half-head of Iceberg lettuce; three sliced tomatoes; three thin-sliced sweet onions; four pickle spears; five onion rings; and a pound and a half of seasoned French fries.  Plus a pound if bacon if you so choose. (and we did of course)

The best part is really the fun pictures - everybody got in on the action. Since I was the guest of honor - I was first up. (Oh yeah - onion rings too)

Steve and Marla were thinking along the lines of Shark Week apparently. 

Kevin tried to run out of the place and take it all to himself! 

Poor Rachel - she was just trying to figure out how the hell she was supposed to start on it! 

The chef stayed out and was prepping the burger to be split among us...

And after being cut up into 8 wedges - here was my slice. Two patties and lots of good stuff. I couldn't get my mouth around it (yes yes yes - that's what she said). The entire table was really surprised at how good it was! It was juicy and flavorful - just like a burger should be!

I have to say it again - every single person was a bit wary - thinking we were basically going to get a hunk of meatloaf on a bun or something - but no - this was a delicious burger - that just happened to weigh 10 pounds.

The burger is $60 - but really - split that between 8-10 people and it's a good price!

Burger Goodness! 

And here we all are getting in on the action! (Thanks to our server Holly for taking the photo.)

Rachel and I in our post-burger belly state...but we had more night ahead of us! Where's the Red Bull? 

That's right folks - BOOGIE NIGHTS was awaiting us! Boogie Nights is an incredibly fun nightclub inside the casino and it's got a definite 80s theme which these guys were certainly embracing!

We had VIP passes to Boogie Nights (A VIP pass will get you to the front of the line (Boogie Nights tends to have a line, especially on Saturday nights) and in the door without a cover charge (standard is $10).  VIP Packages, bottle service and access to the Boogie Nights themed party booths like Love Shack, Xanadu or Boogie Wonderland are also available.) 

Once inside we had no idea what to expect - the escalator invited us into the fun! 

They have big screen tvs playing classic videos of all the songs (really 70s and 80s).

A giant disco ball above the lit floor of course!

Rachel and I were ready to shake our groove thangs! 

Steve and Marla didn't even wait to get on the dance floor before they started! 

They also have "entertainment" like break-dancers and lip sync artists. Can you tell who these two guys are?

Oh yeah - I was lined up for my ticket on the Rock of Love tour with Bret Michaels!!! 

And Rachel and I were snuggling up to Slash! 

After the celebs left - Boogie Nights threw down a ton of suds on us! 

And after a fantastic night of food and fun - Marla couldn't leave without trying on the pink afro wig upstairs.

Rachel on the other hand - well a moving walkway is a cat walk to her and she had to get ready for next season's America's Next Top Model with her best pose and "smize". 

Thank you SO much to Marquee Cafe, Boogie Nights and Hollywood Casino for the night of food and fun. As I mentioned - the food and VIP passes were on-the-house. We had a FANTASTIC time! 

Why Should You Go? If you've got a group and you're looking for a good time - I highly recommend this whole night. The food at Marquee was really good (mad love for the Mega Burger and Texas Twist!) and the music at Boogie Nights was even better! The beginning of the night is 70s "disco-ish" and then it quickly moves into awesome 80s hip hop. I really wish it was closer - I felt totally comfortable and relaxed at Boogie Nights (I can't always say that for the "dance" places in Cincinnati). 

Our favorite part of the evening might have been rediscovering this gem on the JumboTron...we nearly wet our pants! 

And now for the Giveaway!!! Marquee Cafe has GENEROUSLY decided to pass along an $85 gift certificate to one of my Food Hussy Fans!!! That's enough to get a Mega Burger for you and your crew!

So leave a comment on my blog with the following answers & info:

* Should the Mega Burger be on Man vs. Food?
* What's your favorite 70s or 80s dance tune? (I might have lost my ever-lovin mind when they played Let's Go Crazy)
* A WAY TO CONTACT YOU!!! (twitter, facebook, email, carrier pigeon - something, please)

You can also get an extra entry if you post this giveaway on Twitter (with a link to @foodhussy) and let me know here with another comment!

Enjoy the photos - I hope they convey how much fun we really had and enter the giveaway!!! Thanks again to the folks at Hollywood for the fun and the giveaway for you guys!

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  1. Yes the mega burger should be on Man v. Food-why not?!
    Fave 80's song-definitely Billy Idol's Rebel Yell

  2. Absolutely on Man v. Food - should be Man vs. MEGA Food with that burger. WOW! My fav song is none other than "Dancin' Queen". Makes me wanna sing and spin around under the mega disco-ball! ;-) LOVE Boogie Nights! Beth Koehler..

  3. The Mega burger should Definately be on Man vs Food Adam Richmond has accomplished MANY things. But I don't see him eating this whole burger. I grew up in the 80's and the best song would have to be Beastie Boys " Fight for your right" Thanks for the excellent blog. Hollywood is alot of fun and has some great dining areas.
    Brenda Lohmiller Ingram on Facebook

  4. Adam would love this burger! Yes it should be on Man Vs. Food.

  5. Of course this be on manvs food ...
    I think my favorite 80s song is karma cameleon .. Ha.

    Plzyerzgstd @ yahoo

  6. Of course it should be!
    My favorite 80's song...hmmmm...Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie tyler.


  7. I'd love to see one person tackle that burger, so I'll say YES to it being featured on Man v Food, though I want to try and do it before Adam does.

    I don't care if I've just eaten ten pounds worth of food, I am still gonna get up and shake each and every one of my groove things when I hear the song "Bust A Move" by Young MC.

    Great post, glad you had a so much fun! my carrier pigeon service has been cut off due to these hard times, I could really use a night out!

  8. Yes it def should!! That thing be huge!
    and the best 80's dance song ever is Time After Time!! After watching Rommey and Michelles High School Reunion we do that dance everytime we hear it!

  9. Mentioned ya on twitter!

  10. I'll agree with everyone else and say that yes that burger should be on Man v. Food.

    My favorite song from the 80's is Toto's "Africa."

    And my contact form is on my website at

  11. This burgs should definitely be on Man v. Food- would like to see one man try to take it on!

    Favorite 80's song is 'Take Me Home Tonight' by Eddie Money


  12. 1 yes of course it should be on man vs food
    2 rick sprngfield Jessie's girl

  13. How fun!

    Man v Food: Yes, but there is no way he could eat that burger!

    80's Song: Well, I'm a small town girl, living in a lonely world, but I "Don't Stop Believing!"

  14. YES! It should totally be on man vs food; i watch that show all the time with my family and we love it. My favorite 80s tune...that's a toughy because i was born in the early 90s, but I'd say beach boys anything-love those guys!! And Dancing Queen...i saw another comment and got reminiscent of my early childhood years; i loved that song like none other! And feel free to email me letting me know that I won the giveaway! My brothers, dad and I will certainly love to enjoy a burger like that. :) oliviaschneider21(at) gmail(dot)com

  15. - Yes
    - Dancing queen
    - @jknepfle