The Other Chili Place

Now there's another blogger who's got the market cornered on Cincinnati Chili - but my hubby and I were hungry and realized how close Empress Chili - Hartwell was to our house and had to stop for lunch  a couple weeks ago.

It's at the corner of Galbraith & Vine - right near Wyoming. Very cute restaurant inside and they have a drive thru!

It's a bright, happy and clean place with the traditional open kitchen you find at the chili parlors. The menu is on the wall behind them or they'll bring one to you.

Is it just me or do the oyster crackers not taste as good out of a package?

I wasn't in a coney mood so I got a chili taco salad. I have to say - I was a bit disappointed. There just wasn't much flavor in anything. The shell was a bit stale and cold, the chili was okay but there wasn't much of it, the sour cream and jalapenos were sparse as well. It was mostly lettuce, cheese and tomatoes.

Larry got 4 coneys and these were pretty good - we still like Gold Star better but they were fine as coneys go.

Why Should You Go? It's quick, affordable, clean and has very friendly service. While we weren't wowed by the food - we'll be back.

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  1. I agree that oyster crackers delivered in small plastic packages don’t taste as good as they did back in the old days when they were shoveled from a large box into a small bowl. That could be said about most factory sealed unit portion containers, like those little breakfast jelly containers. Maybe its all for the best as far as sanitation is concerned, but food touched by human hands at the restaurant seems to taste a lot better.