Quick Review: Roc-a-Fellas in Sharonville

Quickie review for a Monday - a couple of weeks ago we used one of the daily deals at Roc-a-Fellas in downtown Sharonville. Larry had been wanting to go and we finally had a night free to run up and get the 'za.

We had bought a $20 gift certificate for $10 and they had a $20 special on their site (it's not working this morning) - so we went for it. Pretty sure it was pizza, breadsticks and a 2-liter for $20.

The service was very friendly when we went in to pick it up and the pizza was GINORMOUS! It definitely lasted us a few days. It was a super thin crust which I like and the toppings were fresh. The breadsticks were fine but nothing too special. I remember loving the marinara though - I think they must make it - it just didn't taste like it came out of a can.

Why Should You Go? @kickingdonkey recently asked me what's the best pizza in Cincinnati - it's a tough question to answer. Bruno's in West Chester is probably my favorite and it actually gave me a bit of a "wow". Roc-a-fellas was good and we enjoyed it - but not a wow. It is nice to know of someplace for a good THIN crust pizza - which tend to be my favorite.

Roc-a-Fellas is also run by a Christian organization and the restaurant helps fund mission trips - love that! I'm hoping I get to go on a mission trip someday! So that's one reason to definitely return.

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