Sisterly Bonding in OTR

My sister was in town from South Korea and decided she wanted to take ME out for a fancy sisterly dinner - her taking ME out - this I had to see! We knew that Downtown Restaurant Week was going on and perused the menus and chose Lavomatic's.

I had been to Lavomatic but my sister hadn't been - she wasn't too familiar with OTR but if she lived here - that's probably the area she would be drawn to.

We started out by ordering the Pesto Cream Mac & Cheese as a starter - cuz we both LOVE mac & cheese. It was pretty good - not really that special - but fine.

We both went for the Restaurant Week Menu at $35 each and chose from a starter, entree and dessert.

To start with, I got the Spinach & Feta Salad - the candied nuts were good and I don't normally like Feta - but liked this. A nice salad.

Sis got the gazpacho and let me try a bite. I liked the bite I tried and I usually don't like gazpacho. This wasn't all thrown in a blender like some. She said it had way too many onions. The table next to us wasn't fond of theirs either.

Fresh focaccia bread and soft butter was brought to us as well - yum!

I originally chose the steak as my entree but the table next to us got that and it looked fairly boring. (The tables are REALLY close together.) So I changed my mind and went for the salmon with cucumber & apple, jasmine rice and a pomegranite drizzle.

I was REALLY disappointed. The salmon was dry and bland - with little to no seasoning. The apple & cucumber topping was the best part. The pomegranite drizzle was watery and flavorless. The worst was the rice - it wasn't even cooked! It was crunchy for pete's sake! I told the server and he apologized but didn't much care after that.

Sis chose the pork chop, which wasn't on the online menu, and it was DELICIOUS! It was moist and juicy and full of flavor.

I chose the creme brulee for dessert. Sub-par. The strawberry was about as unripe as you could get and the sugar coating was burned.

Sis went for the chocolate peanut butter torte and it was really great. It wasn't too rich - well it was pretty rich - I couldn't have finished it but sis hadn't had desserts in a year so she ate the whole thing!

After dinner - we hopped in the truck and headed home and in the midst of driving - we found out we had a friend along for the ride with us!

Yeah - I screeched the car to a stop and jumped out of the truck screaming while my sister poked at it with an umbrella. He didn't leave. He crawled into the emergency brake handle. We covered the opening with my purse. When we got home we called Larry and made him come out and take care of bizness!

Why Should You Go? Meh - I wouldn't. It's expensive and our meal was as inconsistent as you can get. I've tried them before and consistently find the same thing - okay food with a lot of issues.

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  1. Small world! I actually live in the building next to Lavo (with the empty storefront) and my boyfriend used to work there.

    They recently had to change some things on their menu because they lost a manager. The pesto mac and cheese used to be the best thing on the menu!

    I share your sentiment that the food there is expensive and inconsistent. Lunch is the only reasonable time to go there. And their lunch menu isn't much better. Lavo has been getting mixed reviews for a long time now for precisely the reasons you've mentioned. :/

  2. Ugh!! we hated this place, everything we had was cooked terribly and service wasn't that great either! I won't go back. Sorry you had a bad experience too!

  3. their defense, it is called creme brulee for a reason...

  4. Holly - I've had a lot of creme brulee (it's my favorite) this was too much. It just tasted burnt. Brown and crispy is different than black & burned.