You scream, We all scream...

That's right - what better way than to start off a Monday morning than by thinking about ICE CREAM!!!! After one of our drives, we ended up in Newport and wanted something to cool us off and came across Sweet Tooth Candies.

There was a big sign out front advertising their "Ice Balls" and Larry is a big fan of slushee/icee/shaved ice/etc... (we may have to start a separate blog).

As you can see on their site - they also have a big candy business. I'm not much of a candy person - too picky with sweets - but they all looked good.

Larry went for a rainbow ice ball and a package of their fruit slices candies. The ice ball was okay - but the shaved ice was kinda chunky and needed biting rather than just melting in your mouth. The candies were way too sweet for me - it's similar to the texture of a gummy bear then coated in sugar. They're very pretty though.

I got a scoop of blueberry and a scoop of birthday cake from their homemade ice cream. It was really good - the blueberry was sweet but tart with bits of blueberry. The birthday cake was fun because there were sprinkles mixed in. A few bites were a bit icey - you know when you bite into ice cream and get a chunk of ice. :-( But all in all - I did like it.

Here's their in-store menu board - lots and lots of flavors and fun things to try.

Why Should You Go? Well - is it as good as Graeters? No, not in my book. But it's a local little place and everything is homemade - so that's definitely something to stop in for. Plus - if you have a candy lover in your midst - there's surely something there for them!

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  1. ITs actually in newport. if u guys want good ice cream, AMAZING ice balls (with ice cream inside) then go to schneiders in belleuve on fairfield ave in NKY. they been around for like 80 yrs and have great candies homemade

  2. OMG you're right! That's what I get for writing a blog Monday morning at 730am! :-)

    I updated story with correct city - so sorry Newport!

  3. I agree with Anonymous. We've done a bunch of area ice cream places this summer, and Schneider's ice balls are awesome!

  4. Looking forward to the new shaved ice balls blog. Though it is likely to receive random hits from google searches gone awry.