The best tenderloin since I moved from Iowa!

So now - it's time to explore Greensburg, Indiana a little more in-depth - at least with the food. First up - was our first stop - Stories Restaurant. It's in the heart of downtown Greensburg and right across the street from the famous tower tree

As I mentioned earlier this week, we were just arriving in town when we came across a great couple and they asked us where "the tenderloin place" was - thinking we were natives. We had no clue but we followed them very quickly - luckily they were on the scent! 

It's Stories Restaurant - a very cute diner right on the town square. You could tell with one step in their doors - this was a gathering place in the community.

One of my favorite things to find in a restaurant are ads. I have no idea why but ads on the menus or, as in this case, on the tables - I love em! Gordon Ramsey would have sh!t fit - but they bring me joy. I just feel like I'm in a small town when I see them - something I love.

And yes - on the menu too! Along with a story of the restaurant and the tower tree.

Right behind my head was a wall full of fresh homemade pie. This went home with me - I love love love coconut cream pie. And I'll say now - it was delicious!

But we were here for the tenderloins! At least I was. Being from Iowa - I'm sorely disappointed by the "pig city" of Cincinnati not having a decent breaded tenderloin. They just aren't right. They're fine and mediocre but I'm used to GIANT thick tenderloins with homemade breading - the kind that make the bun look like an ant in a world of giants!

Stories did NOT disappoint! Look at that thing! It was huge and delicious! The fries were fine - I wasn't really caring about them - they're crinkle cut fries. The cole slaw was good too - I'm picky when it comes to slaw and really only like the old version KFC used to have - this was creamy and similar to that.

But that tenderloin - it was something to write home about. (That's what this is in a way - hey Iowa - you have competition!)

Larry went for a double cheeseburger and it was delicious. Homemade patties and fresh tomatoes (you can just tell by the taste) - good good stuff!

Why Should You Go? Well - it's a little over an hour away - but this tenderloin was worth the drive. Pair that with Stapps Circle S Ranch and you have a nice afternoon trip!

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