Expensive & Mediocre Steak? Sure!

Hubby and I were on our way home from one of our road trip days and he wanted steak. Let me tell you - trying to find a place that has a reservation open for Saturday night at 530pm is not fun. We called probably 7 places!!! Finally we ended up at Polo Grille in the Deerfield area of Mason. 

It's like a non-chain Applebees classed up a bit - but I was hoping for the best. Inside there's a lot of wood and darkness - it's nice. Not "fancy" but nice.

We started with rolls and a butter/olive oil combo - this was good.

We each got the house salad (Larry got a different dressing) - they're in the same restaurant group as deSha's so it has their creamy herb dressing. This was a large portion salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and a heap of bacon. Either the dressing isn't very flavorful or there wasn't enough on it - cuz I couldn't really taste it. These also did not come with the meal and were probably $3-4 each.

I went for the Steak Frites which had a basil compound butter on top. All in all - underwhelming - especially considering the price. This was at least $18 (prices aren't online) and a piece of steak and fries - for $18?! The fries were bland and boring. The steak wasn't a very good quality - the texture wasn't good - it was like it had been frozen maybe? Like almost had a hamburger texture. For that price - they should at least serve it with the yucca fries. I don't even know what they are but it seems like they're a step up from these boring fries that I had.

Larry got the Filet Medallions - you could get 1 or 2 - thank goodness he got 2 - they're small. I think his meal was between $25-30. The grilled scallions - seriously? Limp green onions - what in the hell does that add? He took them off right away. The gorgonzola cream sauce (on the left - he asked for it on the side) was fine and did add some flavor. He can't have the potato cake (eggs) so he got the boring fries instead. His steak was better quality than mine - but we still felt the whole thing was overpriced.

Why Should You Go? Unless someone else is buying - I wouldn't bother. I know there are better steak places - they were just all packed until 9pm and we were hungry. It's a nice place and the server was fine. We just thought the food was "okay" and it was pretty expensive. Larry had a beer and the total was nearly $70. Next time, we'll buy our own and grill at home.

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