Giveaway to Restaurant You Might Not Even Know About!

So there's a restaurant that's out there - and you might not even know it exists! I'll bet you know the business exists - but what you might not know is that you can have lunch there!!!! (And I'm giving you the chance to try it for free!)

That's right - Honey Baked Ham! Did you know they serve sandwiches, soups, salads and so much more?! I was contacted by the folks at HBH to do a review and giveaway - so sure - why not?! Larry and I headed up to the Kenwood location and hung out with a couple of the HBH marketing folks. 

And let me tell you - there is way more to HBH than ham!!! Just walk through the store with me! 

The thing I couldn't get over when we walked in was the massive selection of so many different kinds of food! Let me tell you right now - if you have no idea what you're going to have from dinner - stop here on the way home (they're open til 6pm) - you will surely find SOMETHING!

Here's the condiment wall - nice to know they had honey mustard without eggs (allergy). What a great range of sauces!

The refrigerator/freezer cases are in every corner of the store - and they have lots of goodies! Frozen entrees, side dishes and desserts. It's also more than just the HBH brand -

Bacon, ribs, pulled chicken & pork, etc... man - all this was definitely making me hungry!

There's also a clearance area where I found jams, jellies and some other goodies.

The side dishes also looked great - Larry's been wanting to make baked apples - this might be a quicker way to have them! Lots of soups to take home as well.

Finally after taking a million pictures - we finally decided to order. The HBH folks did allow us to try anything we wanted from the menu for the review. We decided to get a few different half sandwiches so we could sample more items.

We definitely felt like we were getting fresh food - I mean we know they have the ham fresh!

Honey Baked Ham Classic - with ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato on light rye. The ham was great of course - the sandwich was a little dry - he did have it without the honey mustard. All in all a decent sandwich although - very simple.

Prime Roast Beef with roast beef, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, horseradish sauce & red onion on a croissant. Larry loved this one and gave me a bite as well. The croissant was great - soft and buttery. The roast beef was great as well!

I got the Ham Salad - I absolutely love ham salad and figure what better place to try it than here! It was good - very simple - but that's the way I like it. It was nice to have a ham salad that I knew was ham! Always creeps me out when stores say "meat spread" - what the hell is that?

I also tried the white bean soup - it was really good. I'm a big fan of a hearty chunky soups and this was good stuff.

One of my favorite things of the day was the loaded baked potato salad! This was creamy and had bits of bacon - good stuff!

Honey Baked Ham - what a pleasant surprise! It's just one of those places I thought was just ham and had no idea about the rest! We will definitely be back for lunch and to pick up some quick things for dinner.

Now - it's giveaway time! Honey Baked Ham is giving a $20 gift certificate to one of the Food Hussy readers! Take a look at their menu and post a comment telling me what you'd like sandwich you'd like to try! Don't forget to leave me a way to contact you!!!

And yes - they also have ham and lots of other goodies - you can order ahead or just stop by and pick one up. Lots of sizes - everything from slices to serve 2 to a ham to feed 20!

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  1. I would love to try the ham salad sandwich!

  2. I never knew they served food either until one of the catering folks started calling me at work. I went over to the Anderson location to check it out and it's become one of my favorite lunch spots. The sandwiches are always good. The tavern club is amazing.

    They've also become my preferred caterer for training events and they ALWAYS get rave reviews.

  3. Wow I love a good deli sandwich, can't wait to try the prime roast beef sandwich on a delicious croissant with some loaded baked potato salad.. It's hardly 10am and my mouth is watering for lunch already!

  4. Bistro Ham & Brie - soft cheese, sourdough bread, ham....Yes, please!

  5. I would love to try a "Whole" sandwich! They always have samples inside Rempkee/Biggs. My son & I also go back for seconds. Hehehe=]Every Saturday for lunch we go on little adventures and try a new place. I would try their Smoke Stacker since anything with bacon on it has to be damn good!

  6. Would definitely try the 'Veggie melt' - sounds pretty good and is a decent price for a combo! Never knew they had a deli in there.


  7. Hey folks - if you don't leave some type of contact info - I can't tell you if you won! (K, Kristen, Dreama).


  8. I'd have to go for the Tavern. Ham, smoked turkey AND bacon. It just can't get any better.

  9. Sorry-first time commenting and I don't have a google acct. Here is my email address:

  10. Hi it's Dreama email address is :)

  11. mm, it's not a sandwich but the apple walnut chicken salad looks delicious