Happy Anniversary to Me! (& we ate pizza too)

So it's been a week since I posted! (Thanks to @kickingdonkey for pointing that out!) Work has been crazy and there's other bunk going on in my life - so I had to take a mini-break from the blog. But hey - I'm back - and I have a ton of posts in "draft" mode - so this week should be packed!!!!

First up - last Monday was my one year anniversary! It's been a whole year since I got married to my hunkahunkaburninglove Larry! I With that, we decided to revisit the spot of our wedding with a picnic of sorts. 

We got married at Swaim Park in Montgomery - the day we chose for our picnic - it rained. But - that's okay - our wedding day was sunny and a perfect 75 degrees - so a little rain on our return didn't bother us. This the gazebo where our ceremony took place - fyi - you can reserve this for free anytime! It fit all 40 guests under the roof and has a huge deck off of it as well.

For our picnic food - we decided to get something to go from Pomodori's - it's just a few minutes away and Larry has been wanting a pizza from one of those wood-fired ovens for quite a while.

We got some garlic cheese bread ($5.25) as well and can I just say - this stuff was DELICIOUS! Lots of garlic and butter and then all that cheese. We kind of liked this more than the pizza!!!!

As for the pizza - we got the "Best Holler for the Dollar Combo" ($19.50) which had pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sausage, beef, onion, black olives and mushrooms. Wow! 

It was a good pizza - although not the best I've had from there. I think with a delicate crust like this - it's really better suited for their "gourmet" pizzas with more delicate ingredients. We both liked it though and with that hunk of cheese bread - we had quite a bit left for the next couple of days. 

Why Should You Go? Well most people when in Montgomery go for the bbq - I think they're missing out. I really enjoy Pomodori's. It's a nice place if you eat there as well - I've had great service every time. And be sure to get the cheese bread - it was awesome!!!! (It seems like years ago when I went without cheese for 2 months! haha)

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  1. As a girl who grew up in a family that is always in search of the perfect pizza, that looks pretty dang good.

  2. Congrats! You're the greatest....but please stop calling Montgomery Inn "BBQ"!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous (or anybody else out there) - what the hell am I supposed to call Montgomery Inn if not BBQ?

  4. They're just ribs. BBQ would mean that they are smoked or grilled or otherwise have a flame put to them. Montgomery Inn boils those suckers and then slathers sauce on them.

    I know I will never win the battle, people in Cincy will always call them that. I guess it is a pet peeve because I love real BBQ. Smokey, smokey, bbq!!!

    Now if I could just get people to stop calling LaRosa's "Pizza" instead of the more appropriate term "Garbage"