Happy Anniversary with a Peaceful B&B!

Larry and I enjoyed our trip to Greensburg and one of the best parts was obviously the bed & breakfast. I love peaceful, country life. Nana's B&B sets on a 10 acre farm just outside of Greensburg. 

It's such a beautiful farm with a porch swing, side deck, vegetable garden and just lots of tranquility. 

Inside the fresh flowers we added onto the room awaited along with lots of little angel-themed items to read.

The next morning - the view was awesome! After chatting with Ed we found out he used to ride his bike by this farm as a child. It used to be one large farm and now it's cut up into probably 10 different lots/families. We could just picture Ed as a little guy pedaling away on a gravel road.

While Joanne is the chef, Ed is the gardener. There's a vegetable and flower garden outside the house as well.

What a picture perfect farm view - I mean seriously! It's like a painting!

This used to be a historic barn...it was torn down (much to the chagrin of Joanne & Ed) - one of the many stories Ed told us about. They even had a barn book that had a picture of this barn when it was still up.

I mentioned this earlier in the week - I'm framing this picture.

And after the bed portion - we were ready for the breakfast!!!! Joanne started me off with zucchini bread and it was moist and delicious. (There was SO MUCH FOOD!)

For Larry and his egg allergy, Joanne made Dairy Free Berry Muffins (recipe to come in another blog). He said they were really good - then - after we left he said "I wish I'd been able to take some home - those were awesome! They were exactly what I always thought a muffin would taste like!" I felt bad - I'm sure Joanne would have packed the extras up for us. Thanks again to Joanne for sending me the recipe after our visit!

After our first course (man - 3 courses - all for breakfast!), Joanne brought out a giant parfait. Fresh fruit, yogurt, granola - yum! Now I hate bananas (HATE) but I ate pretty much everything else. Larry likes all of it and admitted later - he was full after this. We still had our entrees to come!

For Larry she made biscuits & gravy. For me, I got a small order of biscuits & gravy, a slice of quiche and some fresh tomato & orange. It was all delicious! I could barely finish my plate - because I was already stuffed! But somehow I found room - I couldn't leave any of this!

And, it's a farm, so of course - THERE WERE KITTIES! These guys were all a little too skiddish to pet but we had a lot of fun watching the little ones play with their mom.

I would highly recommend Nana's to anyone. They have three rooms - all very affordable with private bathrooms. It's great for a special occasion like ours or if you've got some girlfriends and you just want a little getaway - it would be fun and affordable! All three rooms range from $85-$105/night!

And when you go - be sure to tell Ed and Joanne we said hi!

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