ABCs of Dining: The Letter O - Otto's

The ABCs are still going on and I'm plugging away - the letter O was a landslide for Otto's in Covington. It's in Mainstrasse across from Lime Taqueria

Otto's is pretty small and cozy and I highly recommend reservations - we tried to go a few weeks before and they were full.

We started with the Greek Flatbread ($9) and I have to say - it was my favorite item all night. It was topped  with spinach, red onion, banana peppers, cherry tomatoes, bacon, olives and feta cheese. It was crispy and light and so fresh tasting. It really didn't have any sauce but it didn't need it either - this was one of the best apps I've had at any restaurant.

The other nice thing was that most all their apps were egg-free - that's pretty rare!

I love the special touches - these milk bottles from France with fresh roses were very nice. And each table had its own unique salt & pepper shakers. Service was also excellent throughout the evening.

I got a special for the evening ($16 I think) - it was a Lasagna Bolognese. It was okay - I prefer it with more cheese and more sauce. It was good but the pasta was a little overcooked and all in all it was a bit dry. The portion was giant though.

Larry got the salmon special over sweet potato fries ($23-25ish). I thought the sauce on his salmon was excellent - he liked it but still preferred other salmon dishes over this. Everything was cooked perfectly.

Why Should You Go? Well - I don't know. It was good - but it was a bit expensive. I've heard such great reviews from others - but at that price I just don't know if I'd go back when I know other places that we enjoy more.

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  1. We used to go to Otto's Then they stopped making their own desserts. When you come around to "B" again, we'd recommend Bouquet next door. The chef started as a cook at Otto's and then went to culinary school. He's doing some amazing creations, and at a fair price.