Butterwhat? Butterbees!

I bought a couple of gift certificates from CincySavers to Butterbees - $20 for $40 is a pretty good deal - especially for a new place.

Of course - as happens every once in a while - food bloggers hit a wall. Not only did my phone die on the way - the batteries in my camera were dead as well! So in lieu of photos - you get Microsoft Paint illustrations of our dinner! (Oh yeah - I'm fancy like that) I might be onto something...

I sorta wish I had a contest for this - to make you guess the food item. This is the bread they bring you before your meal. It was fresh and warm and the butter was soft - all good here. 

 Next up - Mozzarella Sticks ($7) (you could tell that right?). These were fine - actually not really. They tasted sort of grainy - like the batter wasn't fully cooked. You could taste the flour between the crispy batter and the cheese. And the marinara was God awful! Barely more than ketchup.

 This is obviously pulled pork, texas toast, saratoga chips and a side of broccoli ($14). Duh! The pulled pork was pretty good - juicy and with a nice flavor. The sauce was a fairly dark sauce - not sweet at all - and fairly strong. The saratoga chips were pretty great. The side of broccoli was good but the chunks were HUGE - it's a little hard to cut the pieces in a little tiny bowl. The texas toast wasn't very good - very bland and dry.

I almost feel like not even saying what it is - just to make you guess! But alas - then I couldn't tell you about the best part of the meal. Larry got the ribeye with a baked potato and broccoli ($25). This steak was FANTASTIC! We've been wanting steak lately and haven't had good experiences (Maury's, Polo). Butterbee's was fantastic! It was cooked perfectly and just tasted great. It had a great texture - which has been the problem lately - they've all tasted like bad hamburger - I'm guessing it's from being frozen. This steak was just like a great steak should be. There was also a good seasoning on it. Great job Butterbees!

Why Should You Go? It's very busy - I've never seen it not swamped - so I think it's fairly popular. Everything wasn't perfect but all in all - it was a good meal. The service was excellent as well.

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  1. I work near Butterbee's, so we go fairly often for lunch. I'm not usually a chicken tender fan, but there's are honestly the best I've ever had. They're not the out-of-the-bag, frozen kind you normally find. They're hand breaded and delicious. You can get them spun in any of their sauces, too. I like the teriyaki best.