Legendary Nightlife - at 12:30 in the Afternoon

I recently had a business lunch at the Cricket Lounge in the Cincinnatian downtown. I've previously eaten at the Palace but not in the lounge area. 

It was noon - so not really the time for "legendary nightlife". 

I went for the soup & sandwich ($11 cream of san marzano tomato soup with grilled cheddar cheese sandwich + $3 for ham on sandwich).

The soup was a very creamy tomato soup and I enjoyed it. I don't typically like just plain tomato soup but it seemed to be a specialty there so I tried it. It was very warm and comforting - especially when the lounge was about 50 degrees!

The grilled cheese (with ham) was great - I really enjoyed the sandwich. The ham added a lot to it for sure.

One of my dining companions ordered the Pan Roasted Irish Salmon ($17 - new potatoes, sauteed spaghetti squash, white balsamic-brown butter vinaigrette). Both of my dining companions were all about "healthy" (blech). He said the salmon and potatoes were very good - but he didn't eat the squash (too oily).

Why Should You Go? It was a nice business lunch - other than the lounge temperature. The food was enjoyable and the service was great. Would I eat there on my own dime? Meh - probably not. I would like to try the Palace again - the chef has changed 2-3 times since I was there.

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  1. They also have an amazing happy hour special. $6 for a really good half-pound burger.