Need programs for something? Don't miss this girl!

Here's a fun one - it's about my wedding - yeah - my wedding that was one year ago! I have had this in my drafts for a year now - and finally got this out - oye vay!

But it's about great people and a great product! Christi from InkandBloom at Etsy did my wedding programs and I have to say - they were one of the most talked about pieces of the day! 

I want to say that I had promised to blog about it but her shop wasn't up on Etsy for quite a while - so it's been in my "drafts" for a year. I finally went back and checked and hey - it's up! 

But now - let's brag about Christi for a bit!

1. They were beautiful! She printed them on this thick shimmer stock and delivered them all folded and perfect right to my door. I was literally shocked when I opened the package and saw how beautiful they were! The shimmer stock is a definitely must-have!

2. Christi was wonderful to work with! We chatted and I mentioned that I love flowers - especially daisies. She then provided me a few design options to choose from. After I picked a couple - she then inserted my colors - (hot pink and bright ass blue) and voila - I had 3 final options to choose from and we were done with design. The best part was that this was ALL via email and ALL within a few days!

3. I had fun with them. The design is all Christi - but the writing is all Heather! I started with a stodgy boring ordinary program and then HUSSIFIED them and made them all our own. From the thank yous to the dedication to the "titles" for all the participants. Take a look - maybe it will inspire you too!
The inside of the program.

The back of the program.

There you have it - the last wedding post. Check out Christi and if you're wedding planning - my advice - look for LOCAL people to make your day special! I had local folks do the photos, cupcakes, programs, decorating, hair and more. It makes it even more special. And - be sure to make it YOUR wedding.

Interject your spirit into every single piece of the day!  

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