A Peaceful Drive on US 52 to Higginsport and The Olde Dinner Bell

As usual on a weekend, Larry and I were driving aimlessly on US-52 East and we were starving (shocker) and came across The Olde Dinner Bell. Now I'd seen it many times but we'd just never been hungry when driving by - but today was the day! 

It's really a cute place inside - lots of Americana decorations and a very friendly staff. We came at 330pm on a Saturday - so not surprisingly - it was empty.

Here's all you get to see of the menu :-)

We each got sandwiches and I snuck in a side of cole slaw. I'm really picky when it comes to slaw and most of the time - I don't like it and end up taking one bite and then leaving the rest. That was NOT the case here - it was delicious! I ate every bite!

I was in the mood for a burger - so I went for the bacon cheeseburger and again - delicious. It was a homemade burger (hand shaped patty) - which I always appreciate. It seems like a fairly normal boring thing to order - but when it's good - it's appreciated. This was fantastic! And I always love a toasted bun.

Larry got his usual - a steak hoagie - and it was really great as well! I have to say - I don't really understand the steak hoagie - it's not steak. It's sort of a "meat patty" but this was loaded with toppings and still had that steak hoagie taste to it.

Plus - the one thing we don't have a picture of is the dinner buffet. Right after we ordered - they started putting out the fried chicken buffet. I was so bummed - it was making me drool just from the smell. Imagine hearing a noise, turning around and being faced with a giant vat of fried chicken.I nearly pushed her down just to steal the pan and run out the door! We ended up taking an order to go just because it smelled so good. The buffet is only $10! The fried chicken was delicious!!! We can't wait to go back just for that some time very very soon!

Why Should You Go? If you're up for a pretty drive - nothing beats US 52. Higginsport is right between Chilo and Ripley - so plan you day around it! Go early - take the ferry over to Augusta, KY and have an early lunch. Shop all afternoon, drive some more and then head to the Dinner Bell for the buffet dinner! You'll be glad you did!

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