Pearl Street Pub - Oldenburg, IN

On our trip to Greensburg, IN we were in a driving mood and visited surrounding towns as well. One of which was Oldenburg. We sort of stumbled upon it - just turning on back roads whenever we felt like it. 

They're really known for their Freudenfest in July - and seriously you should go to the website just to hear a German/English version of "In Heaven There Is No Beer" - good stuff. 

We found the Pearl Street Pub right across from a gigantic Catholic church. The streets are brick and the town is beautiful. Saturday Mass was going on at the time so we beat the rush (seriously - it was starting to get packed once we left!)

They have a pretty fun mural on one wall of the town sights. 

Larry and I decided to share since we weren't incredibly hungry and got a buffalo chicken sandwich. It was really good - the chicken was plentiful and juicy - the buffalo was spicy but not burn your eyes out and the ranch was delicious!

We also ordered a couple pieces of garlic cheese bread and they were really good. But why did they serve that pre-made plastic container of sauce with it? It didn't even look like marinara - and truthfully the bread didn't need it. It was really good on it's own. That sauce went untouched!

Why Should You Go? It's a small little pub and the staff was very friendly. The food was pretty good - a little better than I expected and I hear the Rueben is killer.

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