Saturday Fun at the Old West Festival

Thanks to In A Galaxy - I won four tickets to the Old West Festival in Williamsburg, OH! Hubby and I took his daughter to the festival for a fun afternoon. And we paid it forward by giving our extra free ticket to a family that was in line to buy tickets. 

When you arrive - it truly looks like an Old West town - or at least what you think one looks like from the movies. There are store fronts set up, wood chips all over the ground and even folks cooking on campfires.

The shops had some pretty neat things for sale - I always love old windows - and this was something that definitely caught my eye. While we were perusing the shops - we heard quite a commotion...what was it?

A gunfight! 

The lady in town won this fight - she was a ballsy one! 

There was also a variety of food booths and some folks were cooking over a camp fire - I was wanting to pull up a chair with them!

And who can pass up one of these? We love making Larry look like a princess!

They even had some baseball games going on with the Cincinnati Red Legs and other original teams from the area.

Everywhere you walked there was music as well. It was a fun day - there are a lot of activities that are more focused on younger kids - fyi. This festival is really popular and happens every year. So while it's over for 2011 - you can add it to your to-do for 2012!

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