Some Amazing Chicken in a Fantastic Burrito!

Sometimes you just stumble upon something awesome - this was one of those days. 

You have no plan - you're just driving and you're starving. The nagging wife grumbles, "We are NOT going to McDonalds again!" to her husband who, like a 9 year old, could eat McDonalds 7 days a week. He sighs and knows this is not the day to fight this battle and they drive on. Suddenly there it is - someplace that has food - and people bring it TO YOU at a table! But wait there's more - big square boxes hang from the walls and what do they do? They show football games!!! HOORAY HOORAY IT IS A GOOD DAY! 

So that was our Saturday a couple of weeks ago. We stumbled upon the Silver Spring House and while I had heard of it - I really didn't know anything about it. It looked nice though and we were REALLY hungry - so we headed in. It's on East Kemper in the Loveland/Maineville area. 

I quickly realized my favorite thing about SSH is the garage-door-style windows. The whole wall of booths backs up to these and on a nice day (which this was) many of the windows were open bringing the outside in and it was fantastic!

And yes - there are lots of tvs - pretty much one every 6 inches...Larry was a happy guy!

We decided to get an appetizer and one entree and just share - we were in a loving mood that day. For the app we tries the Mozzarella Sticks ($8.79) and I have to say - they were fantastic!!! They nearly rivaled those of the Tic Toc back home!

They were battered - not breaded - which is really the key. I'm just not a fan of the cheap breaded ones that you know came out of a frozen bag! These were the real deal and sooo delicious!

Silver Spring House is known for their chicken - unfortunately their online menu isn't cooperating with me - but trust me - they are. But they have a huge menu with lots of great choices. We ended up going for a burrito that had their famous chicken inside. Let me tell you - NOT A MISTAKE!!!

This burrito was really great - it was full of cheese that delicious chicken. We both made a point to try a piece of the chicken on it's own - and it was really great. Marinated in yumminess - it was full of flavor and very juicy. It definitely made us want to come back for the chicken dinner. The burrito was also covered with a black bean/corn/tomato salsa, sour cream and more. It was a delicious burrito and we devoured every bite. We both liked that it was very different from the standard El Rancho Grande or Chipotle varieties of burrito - it was it's own thing - and it was so good.

Why Should You Go? We'll definitely be back to Silver Spring House. I think we might have to get one order of chicken and one burrito - because we both loved this so much - it might be hard to order something else! The atmosphere is great too - especially on a nice day when those windows are open! Head on out to this Cincinnati treasure!

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  1. We're glad you like the SSH too! I was there again this week for the chicken salad. Very creamy and served on a croissant. DO try the chicken sometime!

  2. Been going here for years - good review :). One small correction - they are in Symmes Township. Loveland and Maineville are aways away :).